A letter to the King,..why does not allow the Jordanians abroad to participate in the parliamentary elections..?




Dr. Stam of Al Fayez

– Jordan enjoys a network of international relations and enviable


there are large numbers of expatriate Jordanians abroad in both Arab and non-Arab states


when the parliamentary elections are not permitted such large numbers of practicing their constitutional right in the exercise of the polling stations, which reflected negatively on the voting rate




Discussed this issue in the past years the argument of the Ministry of the Interior that many of the States where the Jordanian citizens had signaled their laws with the participation of the Jordanians in the elections as is known goes every citizen to the embassy of his country to cast his vote


in Jordan on the contrary allowing any person, whatever his or her nationality to participate in any elections held in the country, whether these elections presidential or parliamentary


ولاننكر that such a great advantage enjoyed by Jordan there is no reason why the toward this issue has allowed the nationals of many countries to go to the embassies of their country and to cast their votes


statistical لانمتلك number of Jordanian citizens expatriates residing abroad but it is imperative that their numbers are very large and consequently, to allow them to cast their ballots is a constitutional right to


hope that both The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sincere efforts in this important aspect and seeks since this moment to address all states where large numbers of Jordanian citizens to facilitate their affairs this is certainly is the task of our embassies throughout the world


say that has approached the date of holding the parliamentary elections