Facts do not know about King Abdullah II



Written by Dr. Sattam Al-Fayez


His Majesty King Abdullah II’s does not  launched an  invitation  for the protection of the middle class from a vacuum . This disappearing class represents the majority of the Jordanian people. His Majesty urged governments to protect them, especially after the recent complaints increased   among citizens from the high level of living ,   and the governments   continue imposing  taxes  and raising prices . Many observers believe that the government and after these direct messages from the king will be cautious and will look for alternatives to taxes to fill the budget deficit instead of resorting to the traditional facilities , these methods tried by all governments did not  give any  result, instead  of that  it brought economic catastrophes and threatened social peace. This dose not make his Majesty King Abdullah II  satisfy , but His Majesty was warning about the dangers of such a thing and talking about it in his discussion papers, which represent a way out of every crisis suffered by the homeland and the citizen. These discussion papers  represent a Method ,      It is regrettable that the governments did not act according to the papers  content and  all these governments  attend  to stay for long periods of time and then  quit ,  and leave to the governments that come after heavy legacy pays the price of the citizen and even pays the price of the homeland.

The king’s talk from time to time about the economic dilemma, and this is not a secret, is a matter of concern, especially  under the call of His Majesty’s  lunched recently.

The necessary  on self independent  in the shadow of the scarcity of assistance provided by friendly countries and others,  and may discontinue such assistance at some stage,  to face a problem greater than the problem we are currently facing, which requires the translation and implementation of the thrust of the Royal directives ,  to address development  aspects  and operational projects and the benefit of youth and rise the spirit of   challenge at  them,  And the promotion of individual initiatives and keep abreast of the latest developments in the modern era, the era of technology and the digital age and take the  benefit from the experience of countries that have undergone a stage similar to the stage experienced by the Jordanian economy, but  they succeeded in building a strong economy and has become an example to follow .


The king’s vision to get out of the critical situation  and even  if it needs some time,  is the ideal vision to get out of this impasse that we are going through and need to share the efforts of everyone, both formal and civil, from specialists, experts and economists. We need to unite all efforts and work sincerely so that these generations and future generations enjoy a decent life. Especially that the Hashemite  leadership provides all the facilities of success, and the King personally in support of any party that wants to provide real service to the country and the King has extensive experience in this field , and is looking forward to the experiences of many countries and participate continuously in all conferences and  International  economic summits , and widely respected among investors, economists and businessmen,  benefited Jordan from this vast experience owned by the King and even   citizens gut a benefits from him.

We hope that the next  stage  will bring good to the homeland and the citizen, and that everyone will gather behind the Hashemite leadership.