Macca: injuries in a stampede during the Kaaba washing



Arabspring: Saudi Arabia announced that the ceremony of washing the Kaaba in Mecca , were held Thursday. According to police Mecca has witnessed the ceremony injuries and cases of fainting as a result of the stampede .

According to the official Saudi Press Agency has overseen on behalf of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques , his son Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Makkah to the ceremony.
The press spokesman to ” district police Mecca ” presented atthe Ben Attia al-Qurashi , said four people from pilgrims were killed as a result of the stampede which occurred as Haram al-Makki ; saying : “What has been handled in the past few hours by the means of social communication , of the suicides of three people during washing Kaaba, is incorrect. ”
The image has been circulating through the social networking sites , showed a fall of a woman and a man attempts to aid the blood around him , as featured in the picture sitting three people from visitors to the Grand Mosque , and the scattering Ahramat and clothing , in the presence of security forces .
It is not known the source of the image is not history, but the spokesman of Makkah Police , called to the need for accuracy and credibility and spread the news from official sources , away from the rumors.

Translation: Nebras Aldasouqi