New differences emerge between Iran and the West in the Vienna negotiations


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Arabspring: At the dawn of the nineteenth day of the sixth round of negotiations between Iran and the six world powers, announced that this is not the last round, the final The agreement, which was supposed to be signed Sunday would not see the light of four months ago. When one half of dawn on Saturday, announced that Catherine Ashton, Mohammad Javad Zarif, the extension of the Geneva Accord progress until the twenty-fourth of November, said a coordinated foreign policy in the European Union that important differences on key points remain, which requires more time and effort to overcome them, which is indicated it is also Iran’s foreign minister in a joint declaration between the two in front of journalists in the post-Coburg Palace in Vienna.

What he did not say the Iranians and Europeans about the reasons for the extension said Americans, Maddan the demands of the western countries of Iran, namely: ensuring that uses plutonium in Arak reactor so as not to accelerate the production of a nuclear bomb, and to ensure that the use of reactor Fordo to develop a military nuclear program, and verify the non-development capacity of its enrichment Natanz reactor with tight control on these sites to guarantee not to raise the percentage of enrichment and keep them at their current level, or five percent, as the text of the Interim Agreement.
Negotiations will resume in the coming weeks, has been taking place in New York, also said the “Arab. Net” Wang Kun, head of the Chinese delegation to Vienna, noting that the General Assembly of the United Nations after nearly two months may be the perfect occasion to gather all the parties to negotiate in one place However, this matter will be resolved in the light of contacts will take place later between the parties concerned.
News backstage pointed to the bitterness of the Iranians what they called hardening of the Western negotiators, especially the French, and cast them impossible conditions, including reducing the number of centrifuges to Iran to four thousand, which is currently nineteen thousand, note that Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, had called a few days ago to raise this number to one hundred and ninety thousand, while the student and the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius recently, by reducing it to only a few hundred.
Western sources said on the other hand, the Iranians were not flexible on this point, which is at the basis of the continuation of the dispute and the postponement of the signing of the agreement.
The sixth round of negotiations began in the second of this month, has been summoned stumble attend the foreign ministers of the United States, France, Germany and Britain to the Austrian capital, last Sunday, has left John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, in Vienna until Tuesday, and met with his Iranian counterpart, four times over three days, after which it left to Washington to hurry, canceled a Middle East tour, and to consult with President Barack Obama and congressional leaders about the feasibility of the extension of the negotiations, and after meeting Kerry, Obama said the latter that real progress has occurred during the negotiations, and the United States announced since the start of the sixth round to negotiate the extension will not happen without the consent of the parties, and if real progress is worth the extension of building it.

Translation: Nebras Aldasouqi