Our messages to the King regarding the video of the criminal investigation all thanks to His Majesty



Dr. Sattam Al-Fayes

Since the first moments of the incident of the attack on Dr. Mohammed Thiabat by few individuals  of the criminal investigation Irbid ,  Jordanian assembly in support of the Hashemite regime was not doubt that His Majesty the King will not leave such an incident pass the mark, especially as the Jordanian Assembly in support of the Hashemite regime spoke with  senior players through its private  channels And explain the dangers  of such a matter to majority  of the  top authorities and many officials in the country.

In a sign of the King’s proximity to the daily events related to the life of the citizen, His Majesty the King visited the Directorate of Public Security on Monday, and as shown in the picture, the King watched the video, which included sections showing the brutal attack on Dr. Al-Thiabat and other citizens. Directly after he watched the video  express  his extreme  anger ,he directed the public security to deal appropriately with citizens, stressing that what is happening is an individual behavior that does not represent the  General Security Service.

And  the head of the Jordanian  assembly in support the Hashemite leadership  Dr. . Sattam Al-Fayez share  His Majesty King Abdullah II  this view  , and confirms the continuation of the detection of any defect,  and follow up any issue affecting the citizen and the security of the homeland and delivery to His Majesty the King personally. Since the first moments of this video, the Jordanian Gathering in support of the Hashemite regime attempt to follow the developments of the situation and the repercussions of the event,  specially the event made a huge sensation , and represent a big harm to the general , done unfortunately    by elements in the criminal investigation.


The Jordanian Gathering mentioned that senior officials in the state were informed and warned of the consequences of this, especially when the street in Ramtha  witnessed violent protests and warned of the consequences ,  and immediately  after warning  the king  order  the government to visit  the people of Ramtha,  As everyone knows His Majesty  visited  the Directorate of  General Security Service ,  and we do not  know if  there will be another developments,  We will reveal  later about it , this issue will not pass unnoticed,  and the king himself will not tolerate any abusive, thanking His Majesty the King’s interest and his concern for the dignity of the citizen