Russia would re-open the base to eavesdrop in Cuba



Arabspring: Russia agreed to re-open the base to tap back to the days of the Cold War in Cuba and was used to spy on the United States, according to the newspaper Wednesday after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the island last week.
Kommersant newspaper quoted sources as several Russian Moscow and Havana agreed “in principle” on the re-opening of the base, “Lourdes” has been closed since 2001.

The newspaper wrote that he agreement was reached during President Putin’s visit to Havana last Friday.

Russia closed the base in the south of Havana eavesdropping orders from Putin to save money and the impact of a rapprochement with the United States after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

But since then, Moscow has shown interest in Latin America, Cuba and its ally during the Cold War and that its relationship with the West began to deteriorate due to the Ukrainian crisis.

Al-Qaeda was established in 1964 after the Cuban missile crisis to eavesdrop on the United States. The military base is the largest in the Soviet secret overseas because it includes three thousand employees and away from the U.S. coast 250 km.

The base was used to eavesdrop on the signals coming from the U.S. submarines, ships and satellites.

The source said a Russian newspaper about the reopening of Al-Qaeda, “All I can say is: Finally!”.

And rejected the Russian Defense Ministry and the General Staff Command to comment on the newspaper report.

Before Putin’s visit to Cuba last week as part of his trip in Latin America, and Russia agreed to cancel 90 percent of Cuba’s debt, which date back to the Soviet era and totaling 32 billion dollars.

Russia had paid 200 million dollars a year to rent the base during the years of work the last.

The official said a former KGB Vyacheslav Trubnikov told the newspaper that the base of the Shan to reinforce the position of Russia international.

He added that Lourdes gave the Soviets the ability to control the entire West, explaining that “in relation to Russia, which is fighting for its rights and its place in the international community, it will not be (the base) is less important than it was for the Soviet Union.”

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