Suicide is self-imposed aggression and a means of protesting to those who have no voice.



Written by Issam Alghazawi

In last decade ,We used to wonder the suicide phenomenon spread in the industrial countries specially in the Scandinavian   countries  , we feel  betty for them, because  we did not know this sad and terrible  phenomenon in our countries.

We used to wonder about the reasons why a someone  who has all his needs, accessories and life insurance committed suicide, while we were complaining and  suffering from destitution and poverty, and we did not have the simple  basics of  life ,  thinking about the future was our  greater concern,   but even of that ,nobody  thought of committing suicide.

Religion and morality have always been a barrier  and an impenetrable dam   to suicide in our Arab countries. Human life is not his property, and it is forbidden  to end it with his own hands. “Today, statistics tell us that the rate of suicide is increasing and strong, especially in recent years, where suicide cases reached critical stage and reached 104 cases during the past nine months. Out of 388 suicide case.

Suicide is the termination of life after the absence or disruption of mental controls that prevent self-harm and return about 35% of the causes of suicide psychological  and mental diseases such as depression, schizophrenia and hysteria and 65% due to several  factors such as education and culture of society,  family  ,emotional and financial  problems and academic  failure ,  injustice and poverty and pain and disease, avoid the shame, or believe in an idea or  principle, such as commit suicide operations.

The scientists   say that the suicide person shows changes in personality or habits such as depression, stress or anxiety, feeling helpless, feeling hopeless, being unable to enjoy life.

Nervousness, recklessness, insomnia, loss of appetite, giving property to others free of charge, guilt feeling case  , repeated statements of suicidal intent.  The increasing phenomenon of suicide among Jordanians calls for alarm dangerous  to study and analyze this dangerous phenomenon,  and to develop effective solutions to address it, which is the responsibility of the family first, by observing the actions and reactions of their children and monitoring their actions and their rejection of the changes in life and the school and the university have a role in this observation I also stress the role of religious scholars, intellectuals and media professionals in focusing on the importance of human life, which God has honored and the need to preserve it.

The government should prepare an integrated strategy that takes into consideration the different factors that lead to For suicide and treatment in cooperation with various stakeholders ,  before that , suicide becomes  a clear illness  phenomenon in Jordan difficult to cure.