The enemy of the King


written by Dr. Sattam Al-Fayez

I waited for a long time to write this article , in desire of not be rushed and release random judgments on some quarters and official administrators,  where I thought that what are they doing from behaviors are personal judgments might be in place or misplace , but after this actions repeated I have certain that does not amount to doubt that what are they doing  belong to their hate for Jordan and their lack loyalty for the Hashemite leadership real and sincere affiliation, even if they appear affiliation and love for Jordan, it is just a hypocrisy and arrogance of those officials and quarters , who we do not want to named them, in desire to keep maintain privileges and to infinity  stay in their positions, and be able to fight any initiative aimed to dedicate loyalty and affiliation to Hashemite throne and homeland ,which we work to keep it free and pride..

All of this under study and editing by us, we see  what able to see neither hear, we try to find them excuses but we could not find any excuse for this war..or fight any efforts or initiative aimed at releasing  the positive values, the spirit of determination, love the homeland, the leader and the Hashemite leadership  among citizens . How much we need such as these efforts and initiatives that certain parties and dignitaries intended for them just the national interest nor benefits except their love for homeland, especially they see few who love this homeland and feel real loyalty, specially we are going through very difficult political conditions and regional political developments wasn’t existing not long ago, and very difficult economical conditions which is every citizen is suffering from it, these conditions provide a  gap  for many of the traitors and detractors in Jordan to spread the cuteness, divide the ranks, spread the spirit of hatred among citizens and spread the spirit of indifference to achieve their main purposes.

We have  waited and said and repeated them over and over many times to prove to us these officials  and  quarters that what they are doing , their actions and practices are in good faith and a result of their special judgments, but unfortunately they did not prove it ,in the opposite we where sure that what are they doing is due to their hatred to Jordan and their lack affiliation  to the Hashemite leadership, there is no excuse for their actions.

Whoever works day and night  to urge citizens to have loyal and affiliate, so they what they do in good faith and have just one explaination  that they love  their country, and when they find someone fighting him , so those who they fight him dose not love their homeland neither the Hashemite leadership, all nation achievements and instilling hatred in the hearts of citizens to prepare for the instigation of sedition ,there is no difference between these officials and some of the parties that are hostile to Jordan and figures attributed to the political opposition aboard. Which are living in the western headquarters, which broadcast  toxins and published and pass information and and we are waiting for some parties which we talk about to work in sincere efforts to thwart any attempt aimed at purpose and confusion but did not play its role. but rather it is fighting honest citizens who start on their own and without any guidance From any reference or a party to do what they believe in and sacrifice dearly and cheaply for the success of their efforts has succeeded in these good efforts, but unfortunately when successful efforts came from the demolition and put constraints in the way and barriers

We direct this letter, which required the circumstances to be vague and without clarification and vague to the King and we will not speak clearly about the contents of the King personally, because we frankly lost confidence in some quarters and many officials