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Donegal man ushers Ireland into a new digital workforce era… – Donegal Daily

A man from Donegal is leading a campaign to help people manage their finances much easier and also to usher them into the new era of digital personal finance.

Sean McNulty is the founder and managing director of the financial advisory firm Rethink Money Ltd.

Originally from Letterkenny, Sean worked in financial services for 15 years and is now focused on helping people understand money in a different way.

Sean is also the new columnist for Donegal Daily. He will write a special weekly article on money matters and how we can make the most of what we earn.

Sean has a simple mission; make quality financial advice simple, accessible to all and free! Look at the world we live in today, with rising inflation, rising costs. and the worry of a recession hanging over our heads; money management is more important than ever.

Therefore, quality personalized advice is really important to people and they should be able to access this advice whenever they want, not when a brokerage office is open between 9am and 5pm. So, in addition to being a financial advisory service, Rethink Money provides technology and branding that empowers people to take full control of their money and know their money is working hard for them at all times.

Sean’s passion for building this business came from what he calls “gaping holes” in financial advice.

He says, “First, we are not educated about personal finance in school, so we enter our professional careers unprepared. Second, the practices of financial intermediaries are the same as forty years ago. Life is very different today and we should have a solution that fits better with our digital lifestyles. Third, and perhaps most controversially, the brokerage market was built entirely on people not understanding how money works.

“Brokers actually invented themselves as intermediaries to make financial products clearer to consumers. As you know, when there is an intermediary involved in a transaction, it is the consumer who pays the extra. In the information age we live in, this model no longer works and people now want to know exactly what they are getting for their money and how the costs are broken down. »

Rethink Money will 1) make money simple to understand, 2) provide both fully digital and one-on-one advisory service and 3) offer all protection policies and investment policies at cheaper rates than any other broker/ consultant in Ireland.

Along with handling all the big stuff like mortgages and pensions, the company will also touch on budgeting tips and money saving tips. They want Rethink Money to be the only place people turn to manage their financial affairs. Starting in its native Donegal, the company is already expanding across Ireland and will have a wider marketing campaign with the launch of its own software in just two months.

Rethink Money will not just help people with new policies.

Sean continued, “We’re confident we can look at people’s existing policies and find better value for them. There is no charge to chat with us, and no obligation to do anything either. All we promise is clear and best advice. Even if we need to steer you in a different direction, we’ll make sure you’re best equipped to do so.

The company, which is active on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, posts daily videos and posts for its followers and is also launching a weekly live session on Wednesday on Facebook that will discuss current money-related topics.

Sean encourages readers to book financial advisories by emailing or booking directly on their website Readers are also encouraged to join any of their social networks for great content, ideas, and advice.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for Sean’s first column titled “Coping with today’s rising costs and inflation.”

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