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Best FPS VR Games on PC

While there are some amazing retro FPS games from the 90s that still provide great playtime, newer VR FPS games are capable of fully immersing their players in these adrenaline-boosting worlds. Players can experience some of their favorite shooters in a whole new way or try fun or scary FPS VR games alone and with friends and family members.

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Some of these FPS VR games are challenging even for avid gamers, however, it is not impossible to find more casual yet exciting options that are also enjoyable and easy for beginners and casual gamers. Players can improve their gaming skills and explore the imaginative worlds of online FPS games while learning strategic thinking and even real weapons and weapon handling.


seven Sairento VR

Sairento VR is one of the most adrenaline-pumping VR FPS games, perfect for gamers who love futuristic games and don’t shy away from tough combat. This cyber ninja VR simulator will completely immerse its players in a bloody and violent world where they can use katana, bows and various firearms while stepping into the shoes of a powerful ninja who is a skilled ancient Japanese martial artist .

However, players will also be able to use their modern combat skills as this action-packed sci-fi game offers plenty of opportunities and space to level up throughout the gameplay. Players can play in single or multiplayer mode as they get lost in the world of this cinematic VR game and take down enemies one by one.

6 The laboratory

The laboratory is one of the funniest free VR games, perfect for beginners and more experienced players alike. It is one of the most fun FPS VR games for families with all kinds of hilarious activities that will immerse its players in fun worlds and challenge their mind and even their body coordination.

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Players can explore sci-fi worlds and historical lands, while testing and improving their slingshot and longbow skills to destroy and protect. Players can experience fun adventures and not only work their way through the game, but try other experiences and learn more about the solar system and the human body, repair robots and buy fantastic creatures and supernatural artifacts in a secret shop.

5 Iupitergrad

Iupitergrad is perfect for gamers who love retro-style games and want to try atmospheric sci-fi VR games. This colorful and beautiful FPS VR game transports its players to an industrial space station where they will have to use grappling hooks and space boosters to explore and defeat enemies.

Players can explore an alternate world set during the Cold War and use their wits and strategic skills while exploring the game’s fifty arcade levels. Players must solve puzzles and space puzzles and can do crazy stunts in the game’s gym mode while fully immersing yourself in a unique atmospheric world and getting to know an original story full of comedy.

4 Operation Warcade VR

Operation Warcade VR is one of the greatest shooting games perfect for players who love war games. This action-packed FPS VR military game will transport its players to an immersive world where they can explore a war-torn land inspired by classic 80s arcade war games.

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Players can travel inside a video game while testing their shooting and strategy skills from the ground and the air. Players can shoot from helicopters and tanks and use their environment to kill enemies more easily and to protect themselves. This game is perfect for beginners as well as avid gamers who can explore and test their skills in over a hundred fun and entertaining missions.


Compound is one of the most fun and challenging early access FPS VR games for gamers who love pixel graphics and retro shooters. Players can get lost in a colorful and dangerous cyberpunk world where they will have to fight their way through the game while dodging and dodging to survive enemy attacks.

Although this rogue-lite game is quite challenging, newbie players can opt for the easy mode until they feel ready to try out more challenging adventures in this vibrant, action-packed world inspired by the 1960s. 80.

2 Pavlov RV

Pavlov RV is an exciting multiplayer early access FPS VR game that is perfect for gamers who enjoy playing VR Battle Royale games. Players will be immersed in fast-paced worlds and can explore both modern eras and World War II while battling dangerous enemies.

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There’s an offline version that’s ideal for beginners who want to practice before joining teams and trying out the co-op mode. Players will have to test and improve their strategic and shooting skills while trying out the game’s exciting modes and competing against other players.

1 Hot dogs, horseshoes and hand grenades

Hot dogs, horseshoes and hand grenades is one of the best-selling VR games on Steam. This early access simulation shooter transports its players to America where they have the chance to assemble and play with over five hundred firearms and hundreds of accessories. Players will be able to fight sophisticated AI agents and test their skills in many exciting game modes.

It is one of the most realistic FPS VR games in which players can not only compete against AIs but also other players and climb the rankings while discovering real guns and perfecting their aims and skills. tactical skills. It’s a perfect game for beginners and more experienced players who love realistic shooters and want to learn more about guns.

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