Best VR Shooters for Valve Index

Not so long ago, when Loss came out and impressed everyone with its fast-paced and action-oriented gameplay. Fast forward to 2022, and things have gotten a lot more real and a lot more immersive for first-person shooters. The modern fps gaming landscape introduces various previously unthinkable features, from 100-player multiplayer battles to fully immersive story-based experiences.


However, developers have just scratched the surface of what’s possible in video games. The next phase of first-person shooters is in virtual reality, and the best PCVR experience is only available on the mainstream virtual reality headset, valve index. Let’s look at some of the most immersive FPS games on Valve Index.


ten Half-Life: Alyx

Let’s start by looking at the Index’s most authentic Valve experience, Half-Life: Alyx. The game was originally released in March 2020 on Windows and a few months later on Linux. In traditional Half-Life fashion, it’s a first-person shooter that focuses entirely on providing a story-driven experience.

However, what sets it apart is the amount of detail the developers have crammed into it and the fully interactive environments that players won’t find in most other similar fps games. Half-Life: Alyx currently sits at an “overwhelmingly positive” review score on the Steam store.

9 Pavlov RV

Pavlov RV is a multiplayer virtual reality experience and a great gun simulator. The game was first released in 2017 on Steam but is still in Early Access due to its ambition. Pavlov RV wants to redefine the way everyone experiences the good old military shooter genre by allowing players to move through dozens of maps while mastering the handling of firearms.

People can use all kinds of weapons in the game, knives, handguns, machine guns, snipers, rocket launchers, grenades, pistols, machine guns, experimental weapons and more Again.


Who would have thought that a retro pixel-based shooter would make such a great VR experience on Steam that it would get an overwhelmingly positive review from every gamer? COMPOUND is an indie “Roguelite” action shooter that brings nostalgia through its visual style but allows players complete freedom of movement in VR.

The official store page states that the game is a “random rogue-lite free-roaming shooter for VR veterans” where players must dodge, dodge, and shoot simultaneously to win rounds. COMPOUND claims it’s a challenging retro FPS, visible from its fast-paced gameplay.


boneworks may be the most important first-person virtual reality experience for anyone with Meta Quest or Valve Index. It’s a 2019 game that started out as an experimental demonstration of real-time physics for people who want to experience just how immersive PCVR can be.

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However, boneworks has become a much bigger experience in 2022, thanks to the modding community and some of the best mods available for all games. But even if players don’t want to modify their games, the vanilla experience of this game offers enough variety through its story and other modes.

6 Contractors

To all who love Pavlov VR, Entrepreneurs will feel like a sister title but with a lot more emphasis on action than realism. In this game, players can fight in competitive team multiplayer and develop their reflexes in realistic environments. Contractors claim to be the “next level virtual warfare” which offers many features, such as hardcore control system, accurate firearms, customizable loadouts and realistic gunplay.

Contrary to Pavlov VR, Entrepreneurs is a full-featured VR game that passed its early access phase a long time ago. While the game qualifies as a simulation title, it’s more in line with Battlefield games that Weapon.

5 Arizona Sun®

Arizona Sun is exclusively a virtual reality shooter game set in the southwestern state of the United States. However, there is a twist. Unlike other games on this list, Arizona Sun less about military action or physics demonstrations and more about the hilarious zombieland-type post-apocalyptic action.

The game’s store page says it’s one of the best co-op zombie VR survival experiences on any platform, allowing players to team up with up to three people different as they explore the vast lands of the undead. Brilliant visuals with commendable gore effects, Arizona Sun is a must-have title for people who own Valve Index.

4 The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Speaking of zombie games, here’s one that’s undoubtedly a big reason people bought a VR headset in the first place. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is an action-adventure role-playing game that expands the world of the popular zombie franchise.

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In this game, players can experience what it feels like to be a part of The Walking Dead universe and face the deadly walkers hungry for guts and brains. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is one of the best designed, beautiful and detailed VR games and is only comparable to Half-Life: Alyx in terms of quality.

3 Propagation Virtual Reality

Propagation Virtual Reality is just the right game for gamers who have blown their budget on the Valve Index and want to play something for free. This is a 2020 Unreal Engine title with jaw-dropping visuals usually only found in top paid VR games.

In his heart, Propagation Virtual Reality is an action-horror shooter where players don’t have much freedom to move around. However, it doesn’t let movement-based restrictions stop it from being a smooth on-rails fps with great quality and shooter.


POPULATION: ONE responds to players requesting a PUBG virtual reality game. This is a Battle Royale VR game with an emphasis on team-based gameplay and fast-paced action. In this multiplayer title, players can jump, slide, shoot and run while scouring huge maps in search of resources.

The best thing about POPULATION: ONE is that he is not trying to be a PUBG clone or a Fortnite counterfeit. Instead, it does its own thing by being the most original VR battle royale shooter on Steam. The game is a must-have for anyone who owns Valve Index.

1 Whip Gun

Whip Gun is the simplest virtual reality shooter on the list and one of the most addictive. It is a rhythm-based game where players experience unstoppable racing, running and shooting enemies to the beats. As the name suggests, the 2019 title is all about mastering guns in creative and colorful environments while trying to dodge attacks.

gun whip The official page says it features “arcade-style stages/songs, story-driven cinematic campaigns, the style system for endless ways to play, contracts, and more!” People looking for more fps experiences on Valve Index can check out honorable mentions such as Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, Space Pirate Trainer, and SUPER HOT VR.

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