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Best VR Horror Games for Valve Index

Virtual reality is one of the best ways to experience games, especially for those who love interactive games. For many horror fans, virtual reality has been a way to experience the chilling terror of many horror games in a much more interactive way. Virtual reality allows players to see through the eyes of the game’s main protagonist, which can be enchanting and fun for games like No Man’s Sky but the catalyst for real fear when it comes to VR horror games.

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valve index is one of the newest VR consoles, released in June 2019. Since its release, many horror games have become compatible with the console, such as Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted and Duck season.


6 The Brookhaven Experience

The Brookhaven Experience is an action/horror-survival game for VR that has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam for its graphics, decent story, and few to no bugs. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, with hostile and grotesque creatures emerging from a hole in reality created by an experiment gone wrong.

The player must survive long enough to fight these creatures and live to see the day when they can get to the source of the monstrous zombies and close the hole for good. Creatures arrive in increasingly terrifying waves, and it’s up to the player to use their surroundings and weapons to combat each one.

5 Dreadhalls

Dreadhalls prides itself on being a “new kind of immersive horror”, telling players they’ll truly believe they’re in a dark, dank dungeon that holds horrific surprises around every corner. As the description suggests, the game takes place in a maze-like dungeon that is randomly generated each time the player spawns, making every experience different and truly capturing the fear of the unknown.

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Similar to many horror and survival games, the only weapons provided to the player are his stealth, which gives him no weapon to fight against the monsters lurking in the dungeon. The object of the game is to find the exit to the dungeon through the wandering hallways, but only the bravest players will be able to get there.

4 Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Following the release of Five Nights At Freddy’s: Ultimate Custom Night came the first VR FNaF Game, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted. For a regular player, the game is a well-crafted and witty VR game that condenses some memorable elements from the six main games down to their own four-level mini-games.

However, like many fans of FNaFknow that not everything is obvious. The game is littered with secrets and additional items for fans to seek out using the mobility and freedom afforded to them with a VR headset. There are even additional, slightly more difficult levels within the main mini-games that players must complete after beating all four.

3 VR Contagion: Epidemic

Calling all VR fans who love zombie outbreak/apocalypse games, because oh boy, we’ve got the game for you. VR Contagion: Epidemic was specifically designed for VR, which means its range of motion and mechanics are both realistic and smooth with motion controls for VR.

The game immerses you in an immersive world where a zombie outbreak has begun to destroy life as we know it. Each of the four main missions allows players to control a different character, protect loved ones, invest in their lives, and see the story of the zombie outbreak unfold from different perspectives across the game world.

2 A chair in a room: Greenwater

While many horror games for VR are often survival horror or jumpscares in your face intended to make the heart of the wearer of the VR headset jump down their throat, few focus on the golden opportunity of horror. psychology in VR. That said, A chair in a room: Greenwater does it beautifully, creating an immersive and truly terrifying experience for anyone who dares to play it.

The game is set in America’s Deep South with players assuming the role of Patient #6079, a new resident of the Greenwater Institute who has no memory of who they are or what they’ve done to be. admitted to service. However, haunting visions that reenact the story begin to terrorize the protagonist, only medicine provided by the doctor can ward them off.

1 Exorcist Legion VR

Hailed as one of the most disturbing experiences for the VR platform, Exorcist Legion VR is definitely a must-have game for all gamers looking for a horror experience that will stick with them long after they take off the headset.

The game interweaves five stories for the player to see through, encountering a variety of creepy demonic entities, hidden artifacts, and exorcism tools. Exorcist Legion VR is a masterfully woven puzzle, action, and mystery game that takes place in a variety of atmospheric settings that allow the player to truly immerse themselves in each of the five stories they will have the opportunity to experience.

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