Brits warned not to turn off WiFi overnight as prices soar to record highs

The BRITS have been warned not to turn off their WiFi routers overnight as energy prices hit record highs.

Electricity prices, on average, fell from around 17p per kWh last winter to 34p kWh after the price hike on 1 October.

Experts say turning off your router could reduce your WiFi speed and make it easier to hack


Experts say turning off your router could reduce your WiFi speed and make it easier to hackCredit: Getty

Due to the current cost of living crisis which has led to an increase in the price of gasoline as well as the cost of many food items, millions of people are looking for ways to save money.

Ways to lower your energy bills could include turning off appliances, filling a washing machine before turning it on, and unplugging TVs rather than leaving them on standby.

People could even save a few pounds by turning down the brightness of their TV.

However, experts have advised people not to turn off your internet router when not in use.

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While turning off your WiFi overnight can save you money, it can cause issues with your broadband speeds and even make your internet connection easier to hack.

Most of the country’s largest internet service providers (ISPs), including BT and Sky, recommend leaving their Wi-Fi equipment on all the time, all year round.

Regularly turning your router on and off can send signals to your provider that there is a fault on the line.

When this happens, ISPs often place an emergency speed restriction on the service to keep the customer connected.

BT says: “Constant hub shutdown makes the line unstable, which means your speed may be automatically reduced to improve the reliability of your broadband connection.”

In addition to increasingly slow speeds, vital security updates may not be received the night the power goes out.

Aman Bhatti, Director of Proposals at Sky Broadband, told “We know our routers are put through their paces during the day – whether it’s video calls, streaming the latest broadcast or online games.

“That’s why our routers run firmware updates overnight, to avoid unnecessary interruptions during the day.

“Turning off your router overnight can affect automatic software updates and optimizations, which can impact your overall broadband performance, speed, and stability.

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“Other connected devices in the house that are connected to your router will also be affected by the delayed updates.

“All of our current hubs are EU Eco-design regulation approved, which means no excessive power consumption is used.”

Users are advised to keep their router turned on at all times


People are advised to keep their routers on at all timesCredit: Getty

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