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Wayne Rooney is stunned by the criticism he received from former Manchester United team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo Sky Sports News understand.

In an explosive interview with Talk TVpublished by The sunRonaldo took aim at former United colleague Rooney after he warned the Portuguese striker last week that he was becoming an ‘unwanted distraction’ at Old Trafford.

Asked about Rooney’s criticism, Ronaldo said: “I don’t understand, you should ask him that question. I don’t know why he criticized me so much.

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Speaking to Piers Morgan on TalkTV, Cristiano Ronaldo said Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville “don’t know what’s going on” after receiving criticism from his two former teammates.

When asked if he was jealous, he added: “Probably because he finished his career in his 30s. I’m still playing at a high level, I’m not going to say I look better than him. , which is true. It’s hard to listen to this kind of criticism and negativity from people who have played with you, for example Gary Neville as well.

“People may have their own opinion, but they don’t really know what’s going on inside Carrington’s training ground or even my life. They should listen to not just a point of view, but also my point. It’s easy to criticize but if you don’t know the whole story, it’s easy.

“They are not my friends.

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Cristiano Ronaldo appeared taken aback by the frosty reception he received from Man Utd and Portugal team-mate Bruno Fernandes as they met for the World Cup. Credit: Portuguese FA

“It’s easy to criticize, I don’t know if they have a TV job that they have to criticize to be more famous. I really don’t understand.

“I think they’re taking advantage of [my name] because they are not stupid.

“I have to go on with my life with criticism. It’s hard when you see people who were in the locker room with you criticizing in this way. I’m not going to sleep badly because of the criticism but it’s not good to listen to this.”

Rooney has decided not to make a public statement about it.

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How Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United got to the point where their relationship turned sour. Sky Sports reporter Melissa Reddy describes the rift between the two sides

It is understood that England’s all-time leading goalscorer has always maintained that Ronaldo is one of the two best players in the world – alongside Lionel Messi.

But he also feels the 37-year-old must accept that he is in the final stages of his career, and being a player at a club the size of Manchester United means respecting the situation and not expecting to play every minute of each game.

Sky Sports News It has been said that Rooney feels no animosity towards Ronaldo.

What did Rooney say?

Wayne Rooney has warned that his former team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo risks becoming an unwanted distraction at Man Utd

Ronaldo’s comments come after Rooney said Ronaldo’s acts of petulance were unacceptable this season and would not have been allowed in the dressing room they shared.

Ronaldo refused to come on as a substitute and stormed into the tunnel ahead of United’s 2-0 win over Tottenham in October, leading manager Erik ten Hag to drop him for one game.

When asked if Manchester United were better with Ronaldo in the squad, Rooney replied talkSPORT“No, I don’t think so. He and Messi are arguably the two best players of all time and you can go either way regardless of your decision.

“But I just think the things he’s done since the start of the season; it’s not acceptable for Manchester United. I’ve seen Roy Keane defend him. Roy wouldn’t accept that. Roy wouldn’t accept that. Not that at all. It’s a distraction Manchester United don’t need right now, as they try to rebuild.

“For Cristiano, you just have to put your head down and work and be ready to play when the manager needs you. If he does, he will be an asset. If he doesn’t, it will become a unwanted distraction.”

Rangnick responds to Ronaldo criticism

Ralf Rannick
Ralf Rangnick has won 10 of his 24 interim Premier League games at Man Utd

In his explosive interview, Ronaldo also slammed the appointment of former United caretaker boss Ralf Rangnick.

He said: “If you’re not even a manager, how are you going to be the boss of Manchester United? I had never even heard of him.”

Rangnick, who took charge of Old Trafford last November after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked, is currently the coach of the Austrian national team.

Asked at a press conference in Austria about Ronaldo’s remarks, the 64-year-old replied: “I’m the boss of the Austrian national team, it’s not for me to judge that. It’s the work of Manchester United and the sports journalists there.”

Man Utd players disappointed with Ronaldo’s behavior

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In a 90 Minutes interview with Piers Morgan Uncensored on TalkTV, Ronaldo claimed head coach Erik ten Hag and others wanted him to leave Old Trafford.

Manchester United players are disappointed with the way Ronaldo behaved, but they want to focus on football and not get involved in off-field issues.

The Portugal captain has slammed the club and manager Erik ten Hag, for whom the player says he has “no respect”.

On Monday evening, more footage from the interview was released, with Ronaldo saying members of the United hierarchy doubted him when he said he couldn’t attend pre-season because his daughter was sick in hospital.

Ronaldo has now joined the Portugal squad ahead of the World Cup and was given a chilly welcome by United team-mate Bruno Fernandes after the interview.

Meanwhile, United’s lawyers will continue to study Ronaldo’s comments as they become available and all options will be considered.

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Sports lawyer Stephen Taylor Heath talks about the likely procedure Manchester United would follow should Ronaldo’s comments bring the club into disrepute

The striker said he felt “betrayed” by Manchester United for trying to force him out of the club, with Ronaldo claiming United had made “no progress” since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013.

United responded to the interview on Monday with the following statement: “Manchester United note the media coverage regarding an interview with Cristiano Ronaldo.

“The club will consider its response after all the facts have been established.

“Our focus remains on preparing for the second half of the season and continuing the momentum, belief and unity that is being built between the players, coach, staff and fans.”

Club figures discuss how to deal with the player.

The club only found out about the interview as they prepared to return from London on Sunday night after their 2-1 win over Fulham and they don’t understand why he said what he said.

Ronaldo was told on Thursday that he would not be in the starting XI against Fulham but would have been in the squad. He told the club he was sick.

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