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Hit VR Walkabout Mini Golf brings an adventure classic back to VR

Hit VR Walkabout Mini Golf brings an adventure classic back to VR

Image: Mighty Coconut

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Attention puzzle lovers: Walkabout Mini Golf brings a piece of gaming nostalgia to virtual reality.

The VR game Ambulatory mini-golf is now known for its regularly released themed DLCs. The Mighty Coconut development team expands on the main game with creative lessons based on classics from literature and pop culture. With the latest expansion, VR golfers can expect the return of a classic game.

Announcing a new themed DLC for Walkabout Mini Golf VR

On MetaQuest 2, Walkabout Mini Golf is one of the most successful premium titles, as measured by ratings on the Meta Store. Great physics and lovingly crafted courses keep gamers in the headset for at least two hours on average. The only thing slowing them down? The battery capacity of the Quest 2. Mighty Coconut regularly provides fans with new and growing content.

With the DLC released this summer with course of the eighties cult film Labyrinth, the developers introduced animated characters along the tracks from the first time. More recently, players have been immersed in the world of Jules Verne and have been able hitting VR golf balls through the Nautilus. Even then, Mighty Coconut announced another DLC for Q4. It was a secret then, but not anymore.

New DLC pays homage to adventure classic Myst

With the “Walkabout Mini Golf VR: Myst” DLC, the studio brings classic gameplay to the virtual golf course. In creating the expansion based on the 1993 puzzle game of the same name, Might Coconut worked closely with the creators of Myst. Cyan Inc.


As usual, the DLC includes two 18-hole courses – one normal and one difficult. The familiar treasure hunt, where you follow clues for a reward, is also back. In addition, the courses include puzzles for the first time.

“We’ve played around with a few different approaches, but the ultimate direction is almost like a mini-golf version of a point-and-click interface, where hitting triggers with your ball will affect the course itself,” explained Lucas Martell, manager. by Mighty Coconut. The gameplay is consistent, he says, but certain interactions open doors, activate ramps, or trigger other Myst-style mechanical actions.

This is the second time that Myst has appeared in virtual reality. In August, a VR spin-off from Myst was released, fulfilling a future dream of 1993. Walkabout Mini Golf: Myst is available today for $2.99 ​​in the Meta Quest Store and on SteamVR.

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