Virtual Reality

Danbury Police explore virtual reality in officer training

DANBURY — Virtual reality isn’t part of Danbury police training, but it could be.

Technology and weapons development company Axon Network showed staff at Danbury Police Headquarters on Thursday how virtual reality and simulator technology can better prepare officers for complex situations that require critical thinking and a de-escalation.

“It’s really, really realistic,” Mayor Dean Esposito said after trying out one of Axon’s training modules.

After donning a virtual reality headset, Esposito was twice immersed in a scenario involving a schizophrenic man – first from the man’s point of view, then from the point of view of an off-duty policeman encountering him.

Virtual reality is one of the latest products Axon is working on to improve policing, as well as officer and community safety. The company started making stun guns in 1993 as Taser International, then moved to body cameras in the mid-2000s.

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