Mince pies ranked from Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Aldi and Morrisons – and two got perfect scores – Daniel Hall

When it comes to sweet treats at Christmas, there’s not much that will beat a mince pie.

For some of us, our parents make them so well that we don’t even need to bother rolling out the dough and turning on the oven. However, if you are looking for a quick fix, going to the supermarket and buying a six pack is not a bad idea.

The only thing is, not all store-bought mince pies are created equal. Some fall apart the moment you bite, while others may lack the sweet, sticky berries and winter spices that make them the perfect festive treat.

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However, there are some that strike perfectly. To find the best mince pies on offer, some of our colleagues at the Liverpool Echo did a taste test of mince pies from four of the UK’s leading supermarkets – here are their verdicts.

M&S Collection 6 Mince Pies

M&S Collection Tartlets
M&S Collection Tartlets

Marks and Spencer’s collection of six mince pies comes in a stylish navy blue box decorated with winter berries and an elegant gold M&S design. A transparent panel means you can see the chopped pies inside, with the lids designed to look like snowflakes.

Their light dusting of sugar makes them look homemade, or like some you might find in a quaint cafe. Reviewers found the pastry to be melt-in-the-mouth delicious with a buttery taste.

There was plenty of filling, with a deep, fruity flavor and a “perfect” sticky texture, the cognac not being too alcoholic. They are recommended as a great buy if you like the homemade taste of minced pies, without going to the effort of making them yourself.

Evaluation: 5/5

Price: £3

Or buy: M&S or Ocado stores

Tesco Finest 6 mince pies topped with crumble

Tesco Finest mince pies
Tesco Finest mince pies

Must say the reviewer who tried Tesco’s mince pies had never tried mince pies. They have a decorative crumble top and a “nice wrapper”, although the dough turned out heavy and dry and the filling lacked flavor.

Evaluation: 1/5

Price: £2.25 or £2 with a Club Card

Or buy: Tesco stores or online here

Aldi’s Holly Lane 6 Deep Filled Thin Pies

Aldi tartlets
Aldi tartlets

Aldi’s mince pies were found to be appetizing, covered in frosted sugar and with a snowflake pattern on top. The crust is nice and solid and “it didn’t look like they were going to fall apart anytime soon”.

The pies from the discount retailer had lots of flavor and weren’t too overpowering, although the baking was the best part. Described as lovely and light but perfectly sweet with a lovely firm crust, it’s another strong score at just over a third of the price you’d pay at Marks and Spencer.

Evaluation: 5/5

Price: €1.09

Or buy: Your local Aldi store

Mince Pies Morrisons

Mince Pies Morrisons
Mince Pies Morrisons

Morrisons Mince Pies are said to be a decent size, dusted with sugar and featuring a “pretty” snowflake pattern on top. They have a sweet, melt-in-your-mouth crust, while the pies were generously filled and packed with a rich, fruity flavor – offering excellent value for money.

Evaluation: 4/5

Price: £1.25

Or buy: Your local Morrisons store

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