Newcastle Christmas Market food and drink prices – what you can expect to pay

Nothing beats a stroll around the Newcastle Christmas Market during the festive season.

The popular attraction is now open for business and will run until Friday, December 23, giving visitors five weeks to try the wide variety of food and drink on offer. This year the market is bigger than ever, with over 40 stalls along Gray Street, Grainger Street and around Old Eldon Square.

Many North East traders are taking part in the event as Newcastle City Council seeks to defend local businesses.

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Buyers will be able to browse the market from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Here’s a look at what you can expect to try and how much you expect to pay…

Blaydon’s Firebrick Brewery is delighted to be present at this year’s Christmas Market.


Black Storm Brewery

Pints ​​£5

Warmed hot gin £5

Three can gift set £12

Box of 12 beers 40€

Refractory Brick Brewery

500ml bottles 4€

Cans 440ml 3,80 €

Cans 330ml 2,90 €

North Shore Coffee is one of the local traders in this year's market.
North Shore Coffee is one of the local traders in this year’s market.

North Shore Coffee

Hot chocolate 3,50€

Nutella hot chocolate 4€

Biscoff hot chocolate 4€

Tea £2

Double espresso £2.50

Macchiato £3

Piccolo £3

American £3

Matt white, cappuccino, latte €3.50

Mocha £.80

Chai latte 4€

Cadbury Hot Chocolate

Any flavor £4

Location R

Hot chocolate €2.70

Tea €1.60

Espresso £1.50

American £2

Flat white €2.50

Cappuccino €2.70

Coffee with milk €2.70

Mocha €2.80

Flavors such as biscoff, caramel, eggnog and gingerbread are all £2.90

Meat: Stack is trading in this year's market.
Meat: Stack is trading in this year’s market.


Acropolis Street Food

Chicken gyros wrap €9

Halloumi Wrap 9 €

Grilled vegetable and halloumi wrap £9

Vegan gyros wrap €9

Acropolis platter 14€

Dirty Greek (fried gyros and chicken) £13

Fried halloumi bites £6

Special fries 7€

Fries £3.50

Salad box 5€

Deli Churros

Crunchy deli £5 for 6 or £9 for 12

Chocco Deli £6 for six or £11 for 12

Deli Toffee £6 for six or £11 for 12

Deli Mixt £7 for six or £13 foe 12

Large delicious (king size churro) £7.50

Deli Churro (king size churro) £8

Greek street food Acropolis is also open for business in this year's market.
Greek street food Acropolis is also open for business in this year’s market.

Geordie Banger

Dog banger £5

Banger Dog loaded with jalapenos, onions and pickles £6

Sausage on a stick £3

Cold drinks £1.50

Hot roasted chestnuts

Chestnuts 3€

Small Creperie

Cinnamon sugar 4€

Butter and sugar 4€

Lemon and sugar 4€

Lotus Biscoff €4

Nutella 4€

Salted caramel €4.50

Hazelnut cream €4.50

Chocolate €4.50

Pistachio cream €4.50

pile of meat

Classic burger £8

Baby blue €9

Hot dog 9 €

Christmas special with stuffing, bacon and cranberry barbecue £9

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Redheads

original £8

Chorizo ​​€9

Stick coast £9

Mexican £9

The Grill Tower is back.
The Grill Tower is back.

grill tower

Sausage £6

Krakauer 6 €

Currywurst €6.50

Laura’s confectionery

100g of pick & mix costs £2.99 per (equivalent to three pieces of fudge.)

Matthews Cheese Specialists

Three pieces of cheese for £12

The brownie bar

Brownies, blondies and caps cost £3 each or four for £10.

Tel Und Gina German Christmas Market Bratwurst Stand

Double extra large bratwurst £5

Extra large sausage £4

Extra large double Krakauer sausage £5

Extra large Krakauer sausage £4


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