I slept in the UK’s ‘first’ king-size gamer’s bed – it’s got loads of wacky features, including a 43-inch pop-up TV

DREAMS has released a new bed that you probably won’t sleep much in.

The retailer launched its first video game bed equipped with all the gadgets you could want.

Quick charging points are integrated into the bed on both sides


Quick charging points are integrated into the bed on both sides
The Gamer bed is also ideal for relaxing with a bit of Netflix


The Gamer bed is also ideal for relaxing with a bit of Netflix
  • Dream’s Drift play bed from £1,799 – Buy now

And they claim it’s also the first king size player’s bed in the UK.

But from £1,799 is the game over or over?

We took the Drift gamer bed for a sleepy ride to find out.

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First of all, two models are available, black imitation leather or gray fabric.

I opted for the gray design in king size as I felt it suited my regular bedroom better, but I can see the appeal of the faux leather if you’re more daring than me.

Magic pop-up TV

You have a remote control that does all the great things – bring up your TV from the end of the bed, turn on the LED lights and activate the Bluetooth speaker.

There is something fascinating about seeing a 43 inch UHD TV rise elegantly, the lights shine below like a superstar.

While the TV under the light is quite noisy, I hasten to turn it off, I find it a bit too bright and distracting when trying to play and/or laze around.

I don’t mind the LED lights under the bed frame itself and the headboard – just wish you could change the color to suit different moods.

It’s an LG TV to be exact and bought separately, it only sells for around £300.

But TV is just the beginning…

The television hides well at your feet


The television hides well at your feet

Gaming accessories galore

What are the two key things you see players wielding these days?

A controller and a headset of course.

Well, the Drift bed covers them.

First of all, no more battery worries for your PS5because there are USB-C chargers on both sides of the bed.

So plug in and go for hours without any problems.

Of course, when you’re not playing, they’re great for recharging your iPhone Where android devices too.

Next to each USB-C port is also an audio jack.

Along the outside there is a handy little hook on which you can also put your helmet.

As for the console itself, Dreams built a rather nifty little tray under the bed with all the cables hidden in plain sight (which is great if you hate seeing wires like me).

Behind the tray is a huge storage space that you can access by pulling a handle to lift the mattress.

ride it

At the foot of the bed is a Bluetooth speaker that picks up TV audio by default.

Make sure you don’t push a cover load down, you’ll end up blocking the sound.

When you just want to relax and listen to music, use the remote to put the speaker in Bluetooth mode.

Sound quality is decent enough, but it’s not a Bose or Sonos system.

time to sleep

As a technical journalist, I am not a bed expert.

But what I can say is that I found the mattress selected by Dreams incredibly comfortable – especially with the back pain I have.

It was chosen for me by visiting a Dreams store and using a bit of technology called Sleepmatch which determines the best mattress for you based on the pressure points and other factors it detects when you lie on it.

However, you will have to pay extra for the mattress.


As if getting out of bed on a weekend wasn’t hard enough, the Drift gave me a reason not to leave at all with so much entertainment literally at my fingertips — and my feet.

The hefty price tag is a huge ask, but if gamer chairs are anything to go by, serious gamers value comfort a lot – especially considering how many hours they can last.

Basically, it is this crowd that is more willing to pay the price, especially those who want luxury.

There’s also a model that raises the back and legs of the mattress if you’re willing to spend more.

Above all, it’s great to have so much practical technology that goes clean, especially for small rooms where space is at a premium.

  • Dream’s Drift play bed from £1,799 – Buy now
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All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed.

Always do your own research before making a purchase.

A faux leather model is also available


A leatherette model is also availableCredit: Dreams

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