The 10 deadliest games to check out on Palmer Luckey’s new VR headset

The video game medium can offer some of the most exciting storylines as players are thrown into some truly perilous situations. Oculus creator Palmer Luckey has noticed the potential of video games to provide gamers with a real adrenaline rush, with the billionaire tech genius having created a virtual reality headset capable of killing its user when they die in-game (Via Palmer Luckey).

Inspired by the concept introduced in Sword Art Online, PalmerLuckey does not intend for anyone to actually use the helmet, designing it as a piece of thought and an art installation. Still, gamers immediately began speculating about the deadliest franchises to play with Palmer’s new device, with this groundbreaking technology offering some frightening possibilities. Those already intense video games would prove immensely dangerous with this crazy invention.


10/10 Call Of Duty Zombies

A screenshot of the ranked Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies map.

As one of the most iconic first-person shooters, the Call of Duty The franchise has amassed a sizable franchise over the years, with gamers invested in its gritty gameplay. The game series’ popular “zombie” mode has been included in several of its releases, and this gruesome endeavor is said to provide a particularly deadly gaming experience.

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With its maps crawling with undead, the chances of survival would be pretty slim in this video game environment. Traversing zombie-infested landscapes in the virtual world could prove a costly mistake, as these ferocious zombies seem virtually unstoppable during call of duty extended maps.

9/10 Tourniquet 007

Tourniquet 007 Klobb

Although some believe the game has aged badly by modern standards, Tourniquet 007 is often considered one of the best licensed video games. Perfectly evoking the plot of the james bond film golden eye, this version puts players in the shoes of the suave secret agent, as he works to take down evil cyber-terrorist Alec Trevelyan. The game could prove fatal for users of Palmer Luckey’s helmet, with James Bond’s espionage job positioning him against some of the world’s cruelest individuals.

As players embark on an undercover mission, Tourniquet 007 sees them encounter many cunning opponents. One wrong move could spell certain death for his brave players, with Alec’s henchmen capable of some particularly violent acts.

8/10 transmitted by blood

Bloodborne gets the 4K remaster it deserves in new video

Released in 2015, transmitted by blood is a dark gothic enterprise, with players taking on the role of a hunter seeking the cure for a terrible disease. The dark environment of the game offers many challenges for the hunter, which could end disastrously if the player misjudges the situation.

Those who are infected with transmitted by blood horrible viruses are transformed into mutated creatures, whose savage behavior would put users of the VR headset in grave danger. Additionally, the bosses of the video game are particularly savage beings, with their unwavering determination to take down the hunter creating a potentially catastrophic encounter for players.

7/10 Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros.

Composed of six versions, the Super Smash Bros. the series generated some of the best memes, with fans excited about the franchise’s many crossover opportunities. However, the games saga could prove particularly deadly in Palmer’s virtual world, with video games involving several heated battles.

Super Smash Bros. would be a very precarious endeavor, with players battling to the death in the game’s colorful arenas. Players must engage in brutal combat with some of the medium’s greatest mascots, where losing the match would mean the end to both for the gaming avatar and for the nervous headset user.

6/10 Unexplored

Nate looks sadly at Elena in Uncharted 4

Made exclusively for PlayStation, Unexplored offers a grand adventure, as players are introduced to the globe-trotting exploits of Nathan Drake. His travels often prove treacherous for the daring action hero, which would make the Unexplored series a particularly risky game to play on Palmer’s helmet.

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With Nathan’s journey seeing him swinging on ropes and navigating extremely tight ledges, one wrong move could see players plummeting to death. Additionally, the game features plenty of cunning enemies to defeat, who aren’t afraid to take drastic measures to prevent Nathan Drake from achieving his goal.

5/10 Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman watches while walking through the halls of Arkham Asylum

Adapt the famous Batman comics, Batman: Arkham Asylum understand some of the best voice acting performance. The Dark Knight leads a particularly dangerous life, which arkham asylum transmits flawlessly, making it a particularly risky venture for gamers.

With its storyline taking players inside Arkham Asylum, this harrowing video game would be hard to leave unscathed. This murky adventure for Batman incorporates some of his deadliest enemies, such as the Joker and the Riddler, providing plenty of opportunities for the player to meet his unfortunate end.

4/10 Shipwreck Party

Wreckfast pile of old cars and beaten tires

Starting on the PS5 in 2021, Shipwreck Party offers players an explosive automobile jaunt, as racers go head-to-head in a demolition derby. Its destructive nature makes it one of the most dangerous games to play in Palmer’s virtual environment.

castaways party wacky gameplay could lead to the death of many players as their vehicles are ruthlessly destroyed in the demolition arena. The video game features particularly large explosions, making it extremely difficult for players to escape this world without encountering their demise.

3/10 Jurassic world evolution

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Dominion DLC

Give users the option to open their own jurassic world amusement park, Jurassic world evolution is considered one of the best dinosaur games. However, while running a dinosaur zoo might seem like fun, it also comes with a lot of potential dangers, which could lead to an unfortunate encounter with death.

Operation of a jurassic world The park never goes smoothly, as it often leads to dinosaurs escaping from their enclosures. As a result, the chances of a player being eaten by a dinosaur are ridiculously high, with prehistoric beasts hungry for their next meal.

2/10 The London Heist

Frank glares menacingly at the player in The London Heist.

Included as part of PlayStation Worlds, The London Heist is a gloriously violent VR version. However, its extreme brutality would also make it a very risky game to play on Palmer’s helmet, with players joining a ruthless criminal gang.

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The London Heist depicts a particularly ugly situation, as players help notorious crime boss Frank and his team steal the Serina Diamond. Failure to shoot Frank or his accomplice Mickey results in the player’s dagger resulting in a tragic death for the VR user.

1/10 Blair Witch

Ellis Lynch and her dog Bullet take a walk in the Blair Witch forest.

Based on the iconic horror movie The Blair Witch Project, lionsgate Blair Witch The game captures the same spooky vibe as the found footage classic. This extremely disturbing survival game features players traveling through the Blair Witch Forest, with its surroundings proving to be just as deadly as in the film.

This adaptation of the spooky horror movie would put VR headset users in extreme danger as they come face to face with the shadowy creatures of the forest. Facing the Blair Witch’s wrath rarely ends well, with the terrifying supernatural being claiming many victims who roam her forest.

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