How do I find my Wi-Fi password on a Samsung Galaxy device?

“How do I find my Wi-Fi password on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet?” This is a question that many have asked, but the answer is not as simple as for other Android devices. Most Android phones and tablets allow you to see your Wi-Fi network password inside the Settings app, but Galaxy devices no longer offer this option, probably for security reasons.

But there is a method to find your Wi-Fi network password on a Samsung mobile device. However, this requires a third-party solution, and we will expand on this caveat a bit later as you will need to take certain actions at your own risk.

For now, let’s take a quick look at how Galaxy device users can share their Wi-Fi network without third-party solutions. Because despite its limitations, Samsung’s method of hiding Wi-Fi passwords has an edge. Namely, Galaxy device users can generate a Wi-Fi network QR code which, when scanned using the camera of another Samsung device, gives said device instant and easy access to the network. Wireless.

It’s a very handy feature, but the downside is that it’s unusable for devices that don’t have a camera or don’t support QR code-based smart Wi-Fi network sharing. from Samsung.

Needless to say, if you’ve forgotten your Wi-Fi password and want to add another device to your network without having to reset your wireless router (or use the WPS function, assuming it has WPS), there’s not much you can do if said device isn’t a Galaxy phone or tablet. However, there is a workaround.

Samsung Wi-Fi network QR code generated by your Galaxy phone or tablet contains password for your Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, the password embedded in the QR code cannot be revealed using Bixby Vision, the QR code reader embedded in Samsung Internet, or other QR code reader solutions we know of. But it can be revealed by online third-party solutions i.e. QR code decoding websites.

WARNING! This guide to finding your Wi-Fi network password on a Samsung Galaxy device requires accessing and downloading a Samsung-generated Wi-Fi network QR code to third-party websites. We’ll tell you how you can find your password, but we won’t name any specific website because we can’t guarantee their security or the scope of their intent. In other words, the method involves that your Wi-Fi network password will be revealed to you by a third-party website. Proceed responsibly.

How do I find my Wi-Fi network password on a Galaxy phone or tablet?

First, you will need to generate a QR code for your Wi-Fi network using the built-in function in A user interface. This is a Samsung feature and you can safely access it whether or not you later decide to use a third-party website.

To generate the QR code for your Wi-Fi network, open the Settings app on your Galaxy phone or tablet, access “Connections,” faucet “Wireless,” then tap the cog-shaped button associated with your Wi-Fi network. Finally, tap the “QR Code” in the lower area of ​​the screen to generate the QR code for your network, then press “Save as Image” to save the QR code as a .jpg file to your Gallery application.

This is where the last step comes in, and if you haven’t read the “WARNING! above, we strongly recommend that you do so. For the last step, you will need to use your internet browser and search online for a “QR Code Decoder” website. Google’s search engine should present several QR code decoding websites, all of which should – in theory – perform the same function.

It is up to you which third-party website you may or may not use. But generally, these types of websites should offer a simple user interface that allows you to upload the image of your Wi-Fi QR code so that you can decode it into text format with just the press of a button. Once your QR code is decoded, you should see your Wi-Fi network password in a text field on the same web page.

The rest should be self explanatory. Use your Wi-Fi password to connect more devices to your network and start using the internet freely.

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