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Is Among Us VR better than the VR chat version?

Among usthe hide and seek betrayal game, recently released a VR version called Among us VR, but is it worth the cost? A success story like no other, Among us was relatively unknown when first released. However, once the pandemic hit, the game exploded in popularity.

Whereas Among us gained notoriety, it’s not the only impostor game, and the VR version isn’t the only VR impostor title either. Titles like Winter Project, City of Salemand Goose Goose Duck all have a similar style where a few players are traitors in disguise. Additionally, some impostor titles, such as VRChat‘s version of the game, may even be better than the original.

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VRChat offers deeper gameplay than Among Us VR

Among Us Pink VR Character Stands Above Oxygen Dead Blue Character

VRChat, Garry’s Mod of the virtual world, recreated virtually every title possible in VR, and Among us is no exception. Regarding recess, VRChat is a step ahead of the competition because the game is free. With endless character customization, players are limited only by their creativity and technical skills. This skill is demonstrated when games that are not already VR are recreated with automation in the multiple worlds of VRChat.

Whereas Among us VR was only released on November 10, 2022, VRChat had a playable version of the game in 2020. VRChatThe version of is also arguably the best iteration of the title. No title offers cards such as the airship and mostly retains the base map since the game first launched. However, while Among us VR limits what players can do and created a modified version of the task found in the original game, VRChat remains relatively faithful to the initial task. VRChat has working cameras, wired connections, and more. The official Among us VR is severely limited on the other hand, with a 3D map on the table instead of cameras, more button clicks than delicate motor tasks, and an overall clunky gameplay feel.

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In the end, it depends on the preferences of the fans

Teammates and Imposters Among Us

That doesn’t mean that Among us VR isn’t a decent title – it’s just that other versions of the game may be better. Among us VR comes with a price tag of $9.99 USD, and VRChat and all game worlds are completely free. While it’s understandable that the release had a price for what was received, it could also have followed in the footsteps of other games and launched as a free mod.

Among us VR offers a simplistic game version with easy to handle controls and lobby creation. The title is friendly and only allows invited friends to play. These features are less readily available in games like VRChat, where almost anything goes. Much of what makes Among us nice on the side of the teammates, however, it’s the different tasks, and limiting those tasks or simplifying them like it was done in Among us VR can mitigate this experience.

Ultimately it will depend on what someone is looking for to determine the best RV Among us live. There are versions available that offer better gaming experiences and more customization. The official version is a good experience for those unfamiliar with VR controls or those looking for a quick setup with friends. However, for those looking for precision Gameplay recreation of the fan-favorite game and are willing to handle a less controllable lobby, better options are available.

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