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Black Friday deals are now live: telescopes, VR headsets, Lego and more


Meta Quest 2 VR headsets are $70 off with free games

Meta Quest 2 Black Friday Deal 2022

(Image credit: Amazon)

A good VR headset can turn a spatial experience on your computer into an immersive journey through the final frontier and this Meta Quest 2 deal from Amazon has it covered.

You can save up to $70 on Meta Quest 2 VR headset with 259GB capacity (opens in a new tab), the largest storage capacity available today, and get two free games at the same time. This Black Friday bundle comes with Resident Evil 4 VR and Beat Saber for free, and we’ve got a list of the best free space VR games to choose from once you’re set up.

If 259 GB is a bit too much, you can still save $50 on Meta Quest 2 VR headset with 128GB (opens in a new tab), which also comes with the two free games. Both offerings come with the Quest 2 headset (it used to be called the Oculus Quest 2, if that sounds familiar, and it’s a standalone device. You won’t need a game console or a laptop). ‘a PC to pair it, but it does the PC link if you want to try out a PC VR title or two.

The Meta Quest 2 includes features to prevent you from hitting obstacles, two touch controllers, and cameras to help you orient yourself in a room. Its reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive, and we were also impressed when we tried it. Discover our Meta Quest 2 review for an in-depth look at VR equipment.

If the Meta Quest 2 isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, check out our other Deals on VR headsets and our guide to the best VR headsets around.

Save 21% on the Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ telescope

Celestron astromaster 70az telescope black friday profile view

(Image credit: Jamie Carter)

The The Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ refractor telescope is currently over 20% off which makes a perfect gift for newbie stargazers this Black Friday. It features a 70mm aperture and a powerful 900mm focal length that takes you for detailed lunar views. Not only that, but thanks to the fully coated lens, it is also ideal for terrestrial observation: wildlife, landscapes and more are adequate subjects during the day.

At night however, the AstroMaster 70AZ benefits from fully coated optics to reduce optical aberrations associated with astronomy. The telescope also comes with everything you need to start stargazing: a full-height tripod, two eyepieces, and a red dot finderscope to find your celestial objects before fine-tuning positioning through the eyepiece. During our Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ Review we noted that the achromatic refractor avoids distracting “false colors” and is already good value for money, which is even more apparent given the discount.

Suitable for adults but also easy enough to set up for young stargazers and children, the refractor weighs only 11 lbs (5 kg) so it’s simple to take it to dark places or just to get away from the lights of the city. The tripod also comes with a simple Alt-Az controlled tripod with a smooth pan handle for quickly locating night sky objects.

It requires no tools to set up and is one of the simplest telescopes in Celestron’s line of refractors. Read our guide to best telescopes if you want to shop. You can also view our summaries of the bbest telescopes for beginners, best telescopes for kids and do business quickly with budget telescopes under $500

Lego’s UCS Millennium Falcon is $100 off

millennium falcon black friday deal

(Image credit: future)

The Millennium Falcon is an icon for sci-fi fans everywhere and when it comes to models, there’s no crown jewel higher than the Lego Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon set, which is on sale for $749.99 (opens in a new tab), a $100 discount on Zavvi this week. You will need to use the code SWFALCON at checkout to get the offer.

Released in 2017, the massive UCS Millennium Falcon set is part of Lego’s Ultimate Collectors series. It is a massive construction set with 7,541 pieces and measures 22 inches wide, 33 inches long and 8 inches high (approximately 56 centimeters wide, 84 cm long and 20 cm high). He also weighs 37 pounds (17 kilograms), but in our opinion on the UCS Millennium Falconmy colleague Jordan Miller found it sturdy enough to move around once built without fear of it collapsing.

This set doesn’t go on sale often, and although last year Amazon ran a special Black Friday flash sale, the set sold out quickly and it’s not currently scheduled to go on sale. will be on sale again on Amazon in 2022. We’re not sure how many sets Zavvi has available, so if this set has been on your Padawan’s gift list, you might want to act fast.

You can also see all of our best Lego Star Wars sets and our best Lego Star Wars deals to prepare for Black Friday. Our best Lego space deals has more familiar rockets and other set offerings from a galaxy closer to home.

Save $70 on the Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ Telescope

Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ Newtonian Reflector Telescope

(Image credit: Amazon)

We first saw the Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ Telescope $70 off at Amazon (opens in a new tab) in October during Amazon Prime Day, but the deal is now back for Black Friday.

There’s already a $30 discount on the AstroMaster 114 EQ, but save an additional $40 with the coupon (check the box) and you’ll see that $70 savings at checkout. We rated it as one of our best telescope deals currently available. However, if you want to see what’s available, take a look at our guide to the best telescopes in 2022.

It is a good telescope for beginners and those who do not have much experience with observing the sky. It is easy to use and comes with accessories including two eyepieces (20mm and 10mm), a full height tripod and a StarPointer red dot finder scope. It also comes with software to support your stargazing experience. If you want to check out other sky-watching gear and have a keen eye out for deals, be sure to check out our guides to the best. Deals on Celestron telescopes and binoculars, best telescopes for beginners and budget telescopes under $500.

Nikon D850 camera now nearly $900 off

Nikon D850 stock image on white background

(Image credit: Nikon)

This huge $900 off the Nikon D850 (opens in a new tab) is the biggest saving we’ve seen on what we’ve ranked as one of best cameras for photos and videos and the best camera for astrophotography. Dropping it from $2,996.95 to just $2,104.95, Walmart is currently offering the best deal on this DSLR camera.

Although it’s a few years old now, it still rivals modern mirrorless cameras. We gave it 4.5/5 stars in our Nikon D850 review. It shoots stills at a whopping 45.4MP resolution and can capture 4KUHD 30p video that lends itself well to any photographer and videographer except those who require the latest 8K video resolution.

A superb general-purpose camera, the Nikon D850 is incredibly good at everything. Astrophotography, sports, wildlife, portraits, landscapes – you name it, the D850 can handle it.

Built like a tank and designed for the pros to throw in all day, it’s fully weather-sealed, so taking it out in the rain or snow won’t raise an eyebrow.

B&H is also offering a $500 discount on the Nikon D850 (opens in a new tab) and Amazon currently matches this with their $500 offer on the Nikon D850 (opens in a new tab) but we recommend picking it up at Walmart while supplies last for nearly double your savings.

Hexeum Night Vision Binoculars 53% off

Hexeum Night Vision Binoculars

(Image credit: Hexeum)

Hexeum may not be a household name when it comes to high quality optics, but this offering caught the eye of our optics team because it’s just too good for outdoor enthusiasts to resist.

These Hexeum night vision binoculars are on sale for $139.98 at Amazon (opens in a new tab), down from $298, and come with 3x magnification and 4x digital zoom. Although we couldn’t test them in the field, their specs are impressive enough to make them worth the risk at this price point.

Amazon seems to like these night vision binoculars, as we saw a similar deal during Amazon Prime Day this year. Discover our full analysis of this Hexeum night vision binocular case here for more.

If you’d rather research other options, check out our guide to best night vision binoculars. We also have a best binoculars guide for more traditional optics and you can save more with our best binoculars deals. We have also collected some of the best compact binoculars and for children we have the best binoculars for kids.

Unistellar up to $1,000 off telescopes

Unistellar 2 evscope review photo

(Image credit: Jason Parnell Brookes)

Unistellar’s eQuinox and eVscope 2 telescopes are powerful, fully computerized sky observing tools designed to allow astronomers to observe deep space objects such as star clusters, galaxies and more while reducing the impact of light pollution on your night sky. Unlike traditional telescopes, which can only have one eyepiece to look through, these telescopes are app-controlled and allow you to observe through your smartphone or other device, much like astronomers do.

While the base price may be a bit of a shock, a saving of up to $1,000 is a huge discount for the eQuinox telescope (opens in a new tab), which offers up to 400x digital magnification for imaging faint star clusters or nebulae. The $900 off eVscope 2 (opens in a new tab) offers a discount on a powerful tool for astrophotography: it has an improved 7.7MP image resolution and a Nikon eyepiece for traditionalists who prefer to view over the telescope, rather than the equally compatible smartphone view.

Unistellar’s double telescope sale is part of the company’s Black Hole Friday Deal event for Black Friday and until November 28. If you’re looking for something a little less taxing on your wallet, check out our guide to it. best budget telescopes under $500.

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