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The Vr application “Retreat” will revolutionize the approach to well-being and education

Retreat is a VR and social app education platform that connects users with world-class experts and courses focused on self-improvement and personal development. The app transports learners into immersive virtual worlds with the aim of helping users upgrade their “real-world avatars” by equipping them with “tangible real-world skills”.

Unlike conventional online learning channels, often described as isolated, passive and static, Retreat offers a community-based and interactive approach to learning. It also allows users to explore interactive worlds and immersive environments.

A VR app to transform lives

This unique VR app, soon to be available on the Meta Quest Store, connects learners with educators who specialize in teaching life skills such as holistic wellness, art and creativity, career and life. entrepreneurship, and finance. welfare. With Retirementstudents are more likely to achieve better outcomes, such as improved focus, making deeper emotional connections to content, and greater confidence in applying their skills after class.

Retreat VR App - The Flow State Holistic Wellness Course by Jason Campbell
“The Flow State” Holistic Wellness Course by Jason Campbell

“This platform will change the face of wellness in virtual reality and beyond,” said wellness, transformation, health and fitness expert Nicholas Pratley, who is also one of the retreat instructors. “This is what a new education in a new world looks like.”

Developed by an immersive technology company GeniusX, Retreat aims to usher in a new era of education that complements today’s more technologically advanced world. It also offers experts a platform with which they can engage their audience across different technology platforms, further enriching their educational experiences.

“Our goal is to revolutionize education through the use of virtual reality”, Retreat CEO Nick Janicki said in a press release shared with AR Post. “We are changing the way students can experience personal growth and self-improvement.”

The social education platform currently offers a handful of carefully curated content. Course cover a range of topics, from mindset and relationships to career and entrepreneurship. Some of the courses currently available include:

  • “True Well Being” holistic wellness course by Nicholas Pratley;
  • Art and creativity course “Therapour Mannequins” by Leila Parnian;
  • Relationship Course “5 Levels of Listening” by Gisele Wyne;
  • “The Flow State” Holistic Wellness Course by Jason Campbell;
  • Career and Entrepreneurship Course “Land Your Right Fit Job” by Chad Silverstein;
  • “Your Daily Reset” holistic wellness course by Gisele Wyne.
Retreat VR App - Relationship Course 5 Listening Levels by Gisele Wyne
Relationship Course “5 Levels of Listening” by Gisele Wyne

In addition to providing valuable content and teaching practical real-world skills to learners, Retreat also gives users insight into the stories behind the courses. It also provides an outline of the learning process for each course.

Many more courses are currently in development, with new courses added every month.

How retirement works

To access Retreat’s immersive virtual worlds, users will need to download the VR app first. Until recently, the app was only available through Meta Quest App Lab, but beta testing has now ended and Retreat is scheduled for full release on December 1, 2022.

Once the VR app is downloaded, users should launch the app to explore the app’s selection of courses and instructors.

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After selecting their preferred course, users will meet their instructor and interact with them as if they were meeting in person. Accompanied by his instructor, the user will go on an adventure and navigate the virtual space to participate in its various learning environments. To add another layer of fun to the whole experience, users can use magic portals, find interactive items, and take quizzes.

At the end of a module, the user’s progress will be saved. The modules, which typically last 8-15 minutes, are designed to minimize fatigue, especially for new VR users.

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