Play games to practice math with Math World VR on Quest 2

Play games to practice math with Math World VR on Quest 2

Image: Preparing Skills

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Math World VR combines mental math with mini-games. Practice math while making it more fun and immersive.

This VR game wants to help you improve your math skills. It’s more about quick mental calculation than learning and understanding mathematical formulas. Remember to practice simple operations like division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

Math World VR Deals eight mini-games. Four colorful locations, a city district, a tropical island, a Viking fortress and a carnival add variety.

Math World VR: Suitable for all ages

In terms of graphic style and mathematical level, Math World VR is more aimed at younger people. However, according to studio Georgia Preparation of skills, the mini-games are suitable for all age groups. Workshop plans free updates for the futurebringing new mini-games as well as a rewards system that will be released soon.

Skill Prepare specializes in applications that combine education and entertainment. The company motto is that learning should be fun. The studio even received a stamp of approval for its products from STEM.orga multinational that develops and evaluates programs in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


Why practice math in VR?

Activities like fitness and school subjects like history benefit from virtual reality. The first because virtual reality is a body-based medium, the second because virtual reality is excellent for conveying experiences and visualizing worlds. But what about an abstract activity like mathematics? To what extent does the subject gain in virtual reality?

The connections between mathematics and the real world could be well illustrated with Virtual Reality. But Math World VR is obviously not about real-world apps or explaining math. The the focus is more on mental arithmeticalthough it is debatable whether the same content would not work as well on a 2D screen.

Want to form your own opinion? Buy Math World VR on Meta Quest 1, 2 or Pro Quest (test) for $15 in the Applications laboratory.

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