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The next update for Gran Turismo 7 will arrive during the week of December 12, 2022, bringing with it the largest set of vehicles in any of the game’s life updates so far.

Confirmed by Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi in the usual fashion of a social media post featuring silhouetted images of the car’s contents, the update – which we’ll tentatively call 1.27 – will add five new cars to the game. .

It will arrive on a date yet to be specified during the week, but most updates so far have arrived on a Thursday, so we expect them to arrive the morning of December 15th. This also corresponds to an earlier date. given for one of the five cars involved.

This is the central car in the picture, and also the most obvious of the five: Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo. This was unveiled at the recent World Finals in Monaco, and while it will be coming to the game in this update, most players won’t get their hands on it until just over a week after it’s been added.

If you participated in the World Finals live broadcast “Viewers Campaign” quiz and answered the fourth and final question of the Nations Cup Grand Final correctly, you will receive the Ferrari on December 15. credits for it.

There’s talk of the remaining four vehicles, but it looks like the cars include three new high-demand production cars and a returning favourite.

That last item is the top right car, which clearly sports the Toyota Celica ST205 rally car fender, hood vent and roof scoop. It’s been a staple of the series since GT3 but skipped GT Sportstherefore makes a welcome return and will probably return to the Gr.B category.

The car in the bottom right appears to be the Bugatti Chiron, a long-awaited car in Gran Turismo. Once the fastest car in the world, the Chiron was previewed by the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo which made its debut in Gran Turismo Sports in 2017 after being unveiled in 2015.

There’s a bit more guesswork on the remaining two vehicles, but it looks like the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm appears at the bottom left. This high-performance version of the already hot Giulia Quadrifoglio increases power and reduces weight – to the point of ditching the rear seats – to make it one of the fastest four-doors on the market. Oddly enough, this will be a very rare appearance of a new car from the new Stellantis family appearing in any racing game anywhere.

Finally, there is the car in the upper left. The shape suits many mid-engined supercars, but we believe this is the long-awaited C8 generation Chevrolet Corvette. Considering its appearance in other racing games, the C8 has been kind of a glaring absence of GT7so it’s a very welcome addition.

Of course, the teaser post, as always, only reflects new vehicle content coming to the game. There is no further information at this time regarding what might be added in terms of content or features. track – although observant players may have spotted two placeholder names added to the Showcase area of ​​the game regarding two additional Nurburgring slot layouts: “endurance” and “sprinter”. We’ll have to wait to see if that results in anything tangible.

We’re expecting the update to arrive on Thursday, December 15, right before Gran Turismo’s 25th anniversary on Friday, December 23. milestone activities are already available and will continue until the beginning of January.

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