StarMaker VR has successfully joined the Oculus Developer Program and received funding from Oculus

BEIJING, December 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the StarMaker VR Platform successfully joined the Oculus Developer Support Program and received Oculus Developer Qualification certification and financial support, which marks the official recognition of the StarMaker VR Platform by Oculus, the global leader in VR headsets, and StarMaker VR will cover more mainstream VR platforms in the future.

The StarMaker VR development team started research and development earlier this year to create the world’s first virtual reality side karaoke platform, which will provide users around the world with an extremely fun and unique virtual karaoke experience. The StarMaker VR development team started research and development earlier this year to create the world’s first virtual reality-based karaoke platform, which will provide a fun and unique virtual karaoke experience to users around the world. Its Karaoke product, Sing Star, is the industry’s first product to deliver AIGC-rich content. According to research firm Counterpoint, Meta Quest 2 has ranked among the world’s top expeditions in recent years, and StarMaker VR will experience significant growth after joining the Oculus developer program, building on Oculus’ leading position in the global VR headset market .

StarMaker VR opens up a whole new way to connect to the world with music. A karaoke lover can experience a variety of ways to perform on the StarMaker VR platform, choosing songs from a huge library, singing in an immersive 360° virtual environment as if in a real KTV stage ; or switch between different VR scenes, switch from KTV to from Vienna golden room shortly; go to MusicX Lab to create songs with AI, then go to StarMaker VR to sing their own songs. Perform your own songs and even customize the music video.

Based on StarMaker’s 280 million registered users worldwide and vast library of copyrighted songs, StarMaker VR is growing rapidly. Since the beginning of the year, the development team of StarMaker VR has been on a roll, and in addition to Karaoke-type product Sing Star, it has also released musical rhythm games such as Taiko Star, Blade Star, Shooting Stars, etc. on a variety of technologies such as gesture tracking, spatial audio, virtual humans, AIGC, etc., the scenes are built realistically, with a strong sense of immersion and no sense of dizziness. The interaction threshold is low, easy for users to start, and the skin can be personalized and interesting. Only from the perspective of the overall smoothness of the experience, StarMaker VR has reached the industry’s top performance.

In order to provide the ultimate smooth experience, the StarMaker VR development team has put a lot of effort. In addition to optimizing performance and maintaining visual expressiveness as much as possible at higher frame rates, automated AI testing was conducted specifically to improve the experience in several aspects by constantly improving color, proximity and spatial sense through massive AI data simulations; once the development enters the middle and late stages, many user opinions are listened to, such as getting first-hand feedback from the European and American gaming communities to continuously optimize the product.

In addition, StarMaker VR team’s O&M capabilities are industry-leading, engine-based with Unity, developed a set of VR development toolchain, cross-platform, multi-terminal one-click release , full deployment on different platforms, suitable for a number of different channels, greatly reducing maintenance costs; because the technical framework for agile development, StarMaker VR products are currently iterating weekly StarMaker VR products are currently iterating weekly.

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