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Virtual reality is set to be a game-changer in mental health treatment with “Neurotops”

Neurotops, a London-based startup aims to place patients in a virtual environment where therapists can help them with their challenges. The company’s vision is to transform the overburdened traditional industry and its methods by using the latest advances in virtual reality as a tool to improve all aspects of mental health treatment.

Virtual reality has the potential to dramatically improve traditional treatment methods. First, having the therapy session chaired remotely by a therapist with the use of an avatar rather than in person allows for a wider range of accessibility options. Second, the living experience can involve patients more fully in the treatment process, thereby improving efficiency. When asked why virtual reality was compared to traditional treatment methods or video meetings, Ave Kotze Counseling Psychologist and part of the founding team mention: “One thing we need to keep in mind when discussing the treatment of phobias is that the user needs a certain level of immersion in order to trigger fear responses from the brain, making virtual reality an effective method of dissemination.

When it comes to mental health accessibility, it largely comes down to pricing. People are hesitant to worry about their mental health in these tough economic times. With therapy sessions costing up to £250 per hour, not to mention other associated costs, many of us give up on treatment before we even start. Neurotops makes mental health care more affordable by using a subscription model and removing other unnecessary expenses, completely changing access to mental health care. With them, people can now receive help without even having to leave their homes.

All therapists know this to be true: the effectiveness of a treatment is directly proportional to your comfort level when receiving it. For many people, just talking about their problems in front of a stranger can be terrifying. Neurotops’ virtual reality technology will not only allow you to remain anonymous, but it will also change the way you interact with your therapist, making it less intrusive than before. The company not only has a platform where you can receive treatment comfortably, but you will also be part of a community where you can communicate anonymously with others seeking help and create an environment digital social that can benefit your emotional well-being. .

Alex Timofteco-founder and digital product manager expertly summed up the company’s vision:

“While traditional treatment methods are still effective, there are long delays, high costs, high drop-out rates and various barriers that prevent people from getting help. This is where our solution can make a difference, providing faster, completely anonymous and secure processing to our users at an affordable price. And they can do it all from the comfort of their own home.

Neurotops is currently running a pilot program to help spread awareness of this new method of treatment. At the end of the registration period, 30 people will be chosen to experience their first virtual reality therapy session free of charge.

“Everyone wonders if it works. Let me tell you, before using VR, you couldn’t find me within 100 yards of a therapist. Fortunately, talking to an animated avatar is much more relaxing. Says Marcos Kenny, customer at Neurotops.

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