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SEATTLE – October 20, 2022 – Today, Polyarc announced that players with PC-connected VR headsets can now continue Quill’s adventure in Moss: Book II by steam, $29.99. Critically acclaimed when released on PlayStationVR and Meta Quest 2 earlier this year, Moss: Book II is hailed as one of the top contenders for VR Game of the Year and has secured a spot on several essential and must-have lists. Along with today’s Steam announcement, Polyarc is also putting the Moss: Book II Official Soundtrack (OST) before being considered for the new Grammy category “Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games and Other Interactive Media”.


“The Mousse The franchise has quickly become a ‘must-play’ for all VR users with its unique take on first-person/co-op gameplay, absolutely stunning environments, and rich, real-life storytelling and characters.” said Doug Burton, lead designer. , Polyarch. “Players have been asking for Steam support ever since we launched Book II, and we’re now able to deliver the experience they’ve been waiting for on their favorite headsets. And we can’t wait to hear what they think.


Whereas Book II pick up where the story is Mousse left out, Polyarc doubles what made the original Mousse stand out, with a well-balanced blend of gameplay and emotional storytelling that leads players through triumph and heartbreak. Book II explores the history, landscapes and characters of Mousse, while giving players more ways to interact, more tools to play, and even more worlds to explore. The Steam version allows Index, Meta Rift, Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 (with Quest Link) and HTC Vive users to enjoy the title that gamers have been raving about since its first release earlier this year. The Original Platinum Sale Mousse can be picked up for $19.99 on all platforms.


The Moss: Book II Official Soundtrack (OST) is presented for consideration for the Grammys, with two-time BAFTA-winning composer Jason Graves returning to mark Quill’s new adventure with his elegant, heartfelt and thematic score. The soundtrack features Graves on solo piano, acoustic guitars and Celtic harp, with additional instrumental performances by Kristin Naigus (Whistleblowers, flute, oboe, English horn), Reinoud Ford (cello) and Tom Strahl (bouzouki, oud). Listen to the soundtrack here.


“The original Mousse holds a very special place in my heart and Moss: Book II is an extremely personal score,” Graves said. “Adding new instruments to the set, I’ve assembled a small ‘pub band’ of soloists to highlight Quill’s heroism and heartbreak, and even acquired a beautiful grand piano that acts as the heart and soul of the score, performing most of the cues live on the piano and then adding other instruments to flesh out the themes.I hope this soundtrack will take players back to the magical world of Mousse each time you listen.


The soundtrack consists of 17 in-game tracks for over 140 minutes of music. The first three tracks — “When One Door Shuts”, “The Starthing’s Way” and “The Winter Glass” — can be sampled on band camp now. For soundtrack collectors and fans of physical releases, pre-order is now available for a limited run of premium CD and vinyl albums on Materia Collective and band camp.


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Seattle-based Polyarc was founded in 2015 to explore the energizing and momentous creative possibilities of virtual and augmented reality, and to champion a culture where deep collaboration, creative expression, and high player value are at the forefront of each innovation. Self-published Polyarc Mousse in 2018, which ranks among the highest rated VR games of all time and has received over 100 global industry awards and nominations. The Polyarc team is made up of talented developers with extensive experience working on well-known AAA franchises such as Fate, Halo, Red Dead Redemptionand guild wars.


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