PlayStation Plus’s Best PS1 Game of 2022 Was Toy Story 2, and I Wanted to Know What All the Buzz Was About

I’ve had my bickering with Sony’s new PlayStation Plus subscription service – I signed up for the Premium tier when it was revamped, and since then I’ve been a bit disappointed with its PS1 offerings.

However, one PlayStation 1 game that many have dabbled with since its release on PlayStation Plus is Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue, the tie-in game for Pixar and Disney’s 1999 animated film.

In fact, this game is actually Sony’s third most played classic game for 2022, right behind Mafia: Definitive Edition and God of War 3 Remastered. This makes it the most played PlayStation Plus PS1 game of 2022.

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I must admit that I had never played this game when I read the list (which was shared as part of Sony’s Annual Rollup Feature). But when I saw it had made the PS Plus top five, I decided it was time to rectify that and started Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the rescue for myself.

Let me start by setting the scene for you. Woody has just been picked up by greedy toy collector Al McWhiggin after accidentally showing up at a garage sale. Seeing this theft, Buzz and Andy’s other toys realize they must save Woody, so Buzz heroically slides down the drainpipe to give chase. However, his attempts are unsuccessful (so far) and he returns home discouraged. Thus begins level 1: Andy’s House.

Buzz took a bit of a hit when I started the game.

Following this introduction to the game, I set about negotiating the perils of a young child’s bedroom.

Having two kids myself, I’m well aware of the dangers of a rogue Lego brick or two, but that was another level. Even before I had really taken my bearings, flying robots shot at me. Unsure of how to access Buzz’s laser, I heroically fled to a nearby shelf, where I discovered a handy zipline that led me to a cot. I then managed to figure out how to use Buzz’s laser (it’s more than just a fancy red light in this game), after which I unhooked the sides of the bed and rushed to the freedom of the hallway.

Here I picked up coins, climbed a plant before climbing once more a rope hanging in the attic. Now came the chance to redeem myself, because here I met a mini-boss – and I knew how to use my lasers.

This mini-boss was a robot that liked to chase and knock me down. He was a bit harmful to be honest. However, he could only hunt me for so long before his batteries needed a bit of a rest, and that meant I could strike. In the end, the victory was mine and I was rewarded with a Pizza Planet token for my efforts.

I also saved the sheep from Bo Peep when I was in the attic.

After this confrontation, I went back down and into the garage, where another challenge awaited me. This time, I had to drive a sentient remote control car around Andy’s family’s full-size car three times. Of course, obstacles stood in my way, requiring both Buzz’s laser and his impressive jumping skill to clear.

Upon completing this challenge, I was again rewarded with a Pizza Planet token.

Rev your engines!

I left the game here and handed the controls over to my son who, in all honesty, seemed a lot more enthusiastic than me.

Will I go back and finish this game? I’ve had a quick look online and most parts seem to be a few hours long so this could easily be set up in an evening. However, I also recently downloaded the Mass Effect Trilogyand now I think it’s fair to say I know which one I’d rather spend my time on.

Sorry to be a buzzkill, Buzz, but Commander Shepard has the upper hand on this one, at least for now.

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