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Roflgator thinks VR Streamer Fillian had something to do with his ban from Twitch Rivals

Popular VR streamer Robert “Roflgator”, affectionately called Rob by his community, has all blamed his compatriot VTuber Fillian for banning him from December’s Twitch Rivals event.

In his most recent stream, Roflgator revealed that the official reason he was banned from the current Twitch Rivals event was due to a request from another attendee who felt uncomfortable going there. attend with him. The streamer read the official document for the benefit of his friends and audience:

“I don’t think the event is cancelled, I think I was cancelled…Rivals said, ‘Some of the participating designers reached out, and I guess they weren’t comfortable with your participation.'”

Later in the stream, he explains why he thinks Fillian had something to do with the ban.

‘It’s probably related to Fillian’: Roflgator explains why he suspects Fillian banned him from Twitch Rivals

One of the most popular VR chat streamers on the platform, Robert has made a name for itself with its reality TV-style gameplay, which attracts thousands of viewers on its regular streams. Currently boasting around 300,000 subscribers on Twitch, he has a loyal following and regularly collaborates with multiple creators.

Fillian was one such fellow streamer who frequently collaborated with Roflgator but has since stopped associating with him due to a falling out over some comments and jokes she made while streaming.

Timestamp 17:05:07

Minutes after revealing he wouldn’t be able to attend the event, the streamer responded to a chat message and agreed that the ban was likely Fillian’s doing:

“‘Is that scummy shit? 100% Fillian?’ Oh, it’s definitely related to Fillian. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.

The two streamers have a bit of a history and have clashed in the past over alleged racism. Around 5:06:00 p.m. of the VOD, Roflgator described how Fillian were part of the community but became alienated after making offensive jokes and inviting a racist and homophobic person to an event:

“Fillian was part of our community. Uh, said a bunch of very, very racist things on the stream. Uh, we called him and asked, ‘Why did you do that? on Discord. Because we already had a bad perception of them because they brought someone racist on DJ Night who was going around and calling people F-words and N-words. And we told them that it wasn’t cool, and we told them they should be very careful with racist stuff. And then they made a very racist joke live.”

Trigger Warning: Racism

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This joke about the death of George Floyd might be one of the examples of racist jokes that Roflgator talked about in his description of the drama. He also mentioned that instead of apologizing to black people in the community who confronted her about the offensive jokes, Fillian chose to leave the Discord group:

“A black couple in our community and other people in the community said to them, ‘Hey, that’s not cool what you did. And instead of apologizing or talking to people they offended with the racist jokes, they just left Discord and took no responsibility for anything.”

Reddit reacts to Roflgator accusations

The clip and VOD of streamer VRChat’s most recent stream gained a lot of traction on r/LivestreamFail, and people inside and outside the community started discussing the incident. Here are some of the reactions from online debates over the merits of the ban rofligator:

Readers should note that Fillian’s involvement in banning Roflgator from Twitch Rivals is just a guess, given that the official records don’t name any specific streamer or creator.

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