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This AI-enabled smart camera is like the gym version of the Nintendo Wii

Instead of hitting the gym and “meeting people” (ugh), AIMOOV brings the convenience of a gym trainer to your home. Except there’s no trainer – it’s all AI! Designed to be what I can only describe as the world’s smallest gym instructor, AIMOOV is an artificially intelligent smart camera that makes your home workouts easier by tracking your progress and also correcting you when you train poorly. It works in real time, syncs with your fitness tracking apps, and simply needs to be plugged into a screen like your TV to give you an AI-enhanced gym experience from the comfort of your own home.

Designer: AI BRIGHT

Click here to buy now: $205 $315 ($110 off). Hurry, there are less than 48 hours left!

Plug the camera into your TV using the HDMI port and your AIMOOV is effectively set up. The camera’s AI can recognize different users, letting you create unique profiles and track your own progress at your own pace, and it even records gestures, letting you select or skip exercises, switch between types exercises like yoga and Pilates, or even taking a break. when the going gets tough and you need a little break.

The pandemic has created the perfect storm for home fitness, but with all the home gyms and tiny modular fitness machines we’ve covered, the only serious flaw that remains is lack of supervision. The only caveat with most home gyms is the lack of an expert telling you whether or not you’re training right – an extremely important feature if you A. want to stay safe and B. want to see results. AIMOOV does this by using AI that can track your body movements to see if you are maintaining the correct form and posture. The AI ​​provides real-time feedback, while counting your reps like a human instructor would. AIMOOV’s app provides a detailed breakdown of your training, while connecting to your ecosystem of fitness apps (like Apple Health and Google Fit) to help track your workouts. You can even connect your Spotify to the AIMOOV for a fun and upbeat music workout!

AIMOOV on your smartphone and smartwatch.

The whole device is about the size of half a soda can, which lends some credence to the fact that this might be the smallest gym instructor in the world. The smart camera comes with an ultra-wide-angle lens and Sony’s STARVIS imaging technology running on a Hexacore processor. It pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 and stores data in the cloud in accordance with GDPR for user security. For added security, the AIMOOV comes with a security cover that allows you to physically block the camera when you don’t want it to record you. It doesn’t have a built-in microphone and runs entirely on USB-C (no battery), so the smart camera is off when the power goes out. The AIMOOV experience is divided between its hardware (the camera) and its software (the application, the AI ​​and the catalogs of training programs). For a limited time, backers can grab the AIMOOV Camera for €192 ($205) and receive a free lifetime subscription to the app and its ever-expanding catalog of exercises and virtual coaches.

Click here to buy now: $205 $315 ($110 off). Hurry, there are less than 48 hours left!

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