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Behemoth mixes Skyrim and Shadow of the Colossus in VR

Behemoth is an upcoming VR game that mixes the visuals of the desolate empire of Skyrim with the gigantic enemies of Shadow of the Colossus.

Skydance Interactive has released the next Indie game Freak trailer to Game rewards 2022. The single-player VR game is meant to be a story-driven RPG where players can explore the wastelands of an ancient empire. The gameplay trailer shows off what looks like a nice combination of Skyrim and The shadow of the colossus in virtual reality.

Players will be tested while playing Freak, for they won’t be able to go into every battle with nothing but hopes for the best and raw power. They will have to use various tools and pay attention to their oscillations. The combat is supposed to be physics-based with weapon collision and an AI, which will predict attacks will be blocked correctly.

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Behemoth is similar in appearance to some old favorites

Shadow of the wandering colossus and colossus

The title enemies in the game, the behemoths, are very reminiscent of the towering enemies of The shadow of the colossus. The popular PlayStation 2 game was known for its gigantic enemies that players had to climb and hit at specific points to eliminate. Enemies would emerge from the environment and begin battle with Wander, though overall the main danger from enemies would be climbing over them to strike. Freak seems to have much smarter enemies that will pose a massive threat to the player, especially since they’re forced to climb themselves instead of relying on a regular controller.

Many visuals of the environment and other non-Juggernaut enemies looked similar to those of Skyrim. The setting for Freak is a plague-stricken country that has lost its former glory. This drove the citizens crazy and caused the once glorious buildings to crumble. This imagery is similar to the cities of Skyrim which have been damaged by the ongoing civil war and dragon attacks, leaving behind dilapidated facilities and poor, oppressed citizens, some of whom must resort to violence to survive. The battle style is reminiscent Skyrim hack and slashes combat with a twist, using real physics, so players can’t just run around with guns or swords, blazing.

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Behemoth seeks to push the boundaries of VR games


Despite some visual similarities, the gameplay of Freak seems to be unique and a new style of play for VR games. While other sword fighting VR games use physical activities, none do it quite like what was shown at The Game Awards. Freak pushes the boundaries of VR games, introducing not a simulation but a full game similar to what players would find in AAA game releases. Gameplay footage showed players traversing the plague-ravaged landscape and battling crazed citizens as they encountered them. Behemoth limbs dotted the landscape to come to life and become boss-level creatures for the player to defeat. The game seems to bring the gigantic enemies of The shadow of the colossus in modern times.

A promising piece that brings old fan favorites back to modern times in VR, Freak seems to be a highly anticipated release. Slated for release in Fall 2023, there’s still a bit more that could be released about the game. Now all that’s known is that players will fight enemies big and small using their intelligence and skills to their advantage.

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