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Omens Studios Launches “Omens Multiverse” NFT, VR and Interactive Initiative

Award-winning animation company Omens Studios is expanding its creative offering to a global audience by launching its new program, The Multiverse Omens, to integrate animation and film-based IPs into virtual reality and interactive experiences. The studio has two projects currently in development — circle line and Oasis – which will both be available as VR experiences and have NFT collections. Omens also creates a Roblox experience based on hit series Leo the Rangercoming Q2 2023.

“We have assembled a team of passionate experts to bring our digital goals to life and provide our audience with a new opportunity to not only explore our popular IPs, but also work with partners and brands to grow their incredible storytelling and give their fans an interactive and immersive experience not possible in TV and movies,” said Chi Sim Tang, CEO of Omens Studios. adventure and the ability to transport audiences to new places or even new worlds.

The Omens Multiverse site was launched on December 12 and comes with a Web3 framework based on the Ethereum blockchain. NFT holders will be able to earn Omens’ special token, the Omens Multiverse Token (OMT), which can be used to claim a number of benefits as well as in-world items within the VR experience.

Omens Multiverse - VR Circle Line
Omens Multiverse – Circle Line VR

The first project, circle linebased on the film by Taipan Film with visual effects created by Omens Studios, will feature an NFT collection produced with algorithmic generation and is slated for release in late December, ahead of the film’s release in Singapore and Malaysia on January 5. Following this, the project roadmap will end with the development and publication of the circle line The VR experience is expected to release in Q4 2023 on major virtual reality stores.

Through the program, NFT holders will be entitled to benefits such as movie tickets, access to exclusive members-only content, promotional codes for merchandise, and whitelist locations for priority NFT access in d other Omens Multiverse projects. In addition to these benefits, NFTs can be staked to earn OMTs, which can be used to claim a free VR experience download in Q4 2023 as well as other special items globally.

The immersive story-based experience will allow audiences to step into the world of circle lineovercome obstacles and survive the night in a virtual reality experience that puts users in the thick of the action — face to face with the circle line freak.

Multiverse Omens
Omens Multiverse kicks off with plans to bring fans into the world of horror film ‘Circle Line’ (background), studio’s award-winning short film ‘Oasis’ and popular preschool toon ‘Leo the Wildlife Ranger’

Also currently in development is Oasis, based on Omens Studios’ award-winning first animated short of the same name. This project will involve an all-new series of interactive virtual reality stories where audiences can play as a space miner – gruff gorilla George, accompanied by his otter sidekick Trusty – caught up in a chaotic civil war. The NFT collection for Oasis is scheduled to be released in Q2 2023, with the VR experience launching in Q4 2023.

Omens Studios is also developing Roblox experiences for her multi-award-winning adventure preschool series Leo the Ranger. These experiences for young children are designed to be a safe, fun and engaging extension of the hit series and will be released in Q2 2023.

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