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Be careful, do not ask an AI image generator to ride a bike

AI image generators have taken the creative world by storm over the past year, unleashing a wave of stunning surreal images created by text prompts. But some topics can still be a challenge for their algorithms. And it seems that includes cycling.

The site CyclingTips had observed the furore around the new technology and decided to put it to the test, by having several AI models generate images of scenes related to cycling. Close your eyes now if you want to avoid a horror show. Some of the results resemble the aftermath of a particularly gruesome Tour de France pile-up (to find out how the technology works, see our guide to how to use DALL-E 2).

“This is not a depiction of a ‘realistic cycling close-up’. This is a horror show.” CyclingTips says. (Image credit: CyclingTips)

Cycling tips (opens in a new tab) was intrigued by the impressive AI-generated imagery that’s been popping up since text-to-image generation took a leap forward with beta releases of diffusion models like DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney. He had to try the technology for himself.

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