The Xbox Game Pass in 2023 is not cold in the eyes

Fans of Microsoft’s innovative gaming subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, lovingly call it the “best gaming deal.” With hundreds of titles currently available and more legions added every month, its appeal is unambiguously obvious. From industry pros to everyday advocates, the organic growth and positive reception sparked by Xbox’s foray into the monthly subscription space has been fascinating to watch.

While recent reviews suggest that Microsoft has potentially overpromised and underdelivered on its promises to ship substantial first-party titles day in and day out in Xbox Game Pass, the passionate team has always managed to fill the gaps with compelling and standout video games. of development partners. Regarding critical reception, 2022 has been an exceptional year for Xbox Game Pass, and several 2022 Game Awards nominees shipped on the first day of service. This intelligent and enthusiastic conservation is poised to blossom further as we head into 2023.

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