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Air Greenland Partners with Loft Dynamics for Virtual Reality Flight Training

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December 23, 2022 – Loft Dynamics SA (formerly VRM Switzerland), a provider of virtual reality (VR) simulators licensed by major aviation regulators, announced this week a partnership with Air Greenland to bring its VR training simulator to Greenland.

This partnership marks another step in Loft Dynamics’ mission to make flight training more accessible, even in the most remote locations. For Air Greenland, the partnership makes VR flight training technology available nationwide for the first time ever.

Air Greenland will operate a Loft Dynamics Airbus H125 VR training simulator from its headquarters in Nuuk. The simulator is the seventh European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) authorized VR training device for Loft Dynamics since achieving its FTD Level 3 Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) qualification in May 2022. Loft Dynamics said that by acquiring the simulator, Air Greenland will be able to improve flight safety, perform operator license and proficiency checks, provide special operations practice required to navigate safely in the remote area and reduce environmental impacts.

Air Greenland operates a fleet of helicopters, including its Airbus H155 and H225, which previously required travel to select international training centers equipped with full flight simulators. With the Loft Dynamics simulator’s small footprint (one-tenth the size of traditional simulators) and more affordable price (about one-twentieth the cost of traditional simulators), this means safe and accurate flight training technology is more accessible. and scalable, no matter how far the location is.

“Loft’s simulator will be instrumental in delivering our ‘spring refresher’ training, which includes operator proficiency checks and licensing and enhanced procedural and safety training. It gives our crew access to the most comprehensive and realistic training opportunities – from standard operating procedures to emergencies unique to our environment,” said Marco Peyer, Chief Flight Instructor (Airbus H125 ) at Air Greenland. “The device is incredibly cost effective compared to traditional simulators, and it also helps us reduce carbon emissions.”

“Remote sites, like Nuuk, require reliable systems to operate pilot training devices. So our team built the system from the ground up, allowing us to perform software maintenance and provide support anywhere in the world from our headquarters in Switzerland. Meanwhile, local teams get valuable hands-on access to the onsite simulator without ever leaving the country,” said Fabi Riesen, CEO and Founder of Loft Dynamics.

“The Loft Dynamics VR simulator is a great tool to significantly enhance the training experience and ensure optimal flight safety,” said Brian Jørgensen, Training Manager at Air Greenland. “It is efficient, economically advantageous, easy to install and does not take up much space.”

For more information on Loft Dynamics and its virtual reality solutions for pilot training, please visit website.

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