AI could turn to the dark side with nuclear weapons and ‘do more harm than good’, experts warn

Artificial intelligence technology can take a negative turn if humans aren’t careful, experts say.

Most people in the world use some kind of AI powered device like Amazon Alexa in their daily lives.


Artificial intelligence technology can take a negative turn if humans aren’t careful, experts say.Credit: Getty

Thanks to advanced AI capabilities, humans can do things like calculate impossible equations and reduce workplace accidents.

Despite these positives, experts still have concerns about the future of the technology.

Mia Garcia, founder and CEO of iToolab, told The US Sun, “There is hardly any technology that has been shown to be universally beneficial.”

“There is always a dark side to everything in the world today. Some technologies have proven to do more harm than good, for example nuclear weapons or genetically modified organisms.”

This argument has been shared by a number of experts who believe that technology and AI will eventually prove harmful to humans.

“Studies show that people’s use of mobile communication negatively impacts their ability to be social and make face-to-face contact,” Irene Graham, co-founder of Spylix, told the US Sun.

“You realize that you don’t have enough time for yourself because you are constantly communicating with someone, she says. “There is also a loss of intimacy because anyone can find you anytime anywhere.”

Meanwhile, Jacob Hinson, director and founder of, told us that the technology can be used as a tool for surveillance and population control.

“It can [also] lead to social isolation due to its ability to replace physical contact with virtual connection,” Hinson said.

However, some experts shared a more positive view of the technologies in development.

“I believe technology has the potential to help humanity and create lasting progress, from improved healthcare and communication to a safer living environment,” said Abdul Rahim, a professional of computer science and founder and CEO of Software Test Tips, at the US Sun.

“By bringing people together with fewer communication barriers, technology helps us share ideas, build networks and create connections that would not have been possible before the development of smartphones and social media.”

Roger Grimes, a technology expert at software company KnowB4, posed the question, “Does it matter? Technology will come no matter who tries to stop it.”

Grimes further explained, “The worst-case scenario is that we kill ourselves because we don’t mature early enough to settle our differences peacefully, and we end up wiping out all of humanity with a horrible event because of learned technology or of a related accident.

“Can we persist long enough to come to a more peaceful, intelligent end state without killing each other? This has been the question since we invented the atomic bomb.

“Einstein asked for it. Carl Sagan asked for it. Jodie Foster’s character in the movie Contact asked for it. So with that huge caveat, technology seems likely to improve all of our lives.

“Today, over millennia, technology has improved the basic lives of all humans, poor and rich.”

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