Air Guitar gets 25 new songs and VR controller support

Unplugged: Air Guitar gets 25 new songs and VR controller support

Image: Vertigo Games

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Unplugged: Air Guitar benefits from a fundamental change: support for VR controllers. Vertigo Games is also adding 25 new songs.

Unplugged: Air Guitar is the best example of control system fully adapted to manual tracking. In the VR rhythm game for Meta Quest (2) and SteamVR, you rock virtual stages with the air guitar. The Anotherway developer team has so far gotten rid of extra controllers and designed the title exclusively for bare-handed play.

In our test of Unplugged: Air Guitar, the grip of the VR air guitar in the hand was almost perfect. Even the non-existent feel of a real guitar is artfully resolved. Nevertheless, VR controllers are now also supported.

Controller improves accessibility

The versions for Meta Quest and SteamVR have received free updates that allow alternate guitar control with VR controllers. With this, the virtual reality studio and publisher Vertigo Games wants increase accessibility.

Hand tracking works great, but it still needs a few things to work perfectly like ideal lighting or even having a standard hand (not everyone has 5 perfect fingers). Some users were struggling with this and we wanted them to enjoy the game as well.

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On SteamVR, Unplugged: Air Guitar also supports the Rift S, the Vive Pro VR headset, and headsets like the HP Reverb G2 and their VR controllers since the “Take Control” update.

Updated Meta from Quest 2 to Hand Tracking 2.0 resulted in noticeable improvements in accuracy. If manual tracking hasn’t worked well for you so far, it might be worth trying again.

Unplugged: Air Guitar brings new songs

The free update also adds over 25 new tracks to the playlist. Vertigo Games hasn’t released a tracklist, but there is a new preview of current song highlights. Previously, paid DLCs brought greats like Pantera, Muse, Slayer, and Rob Zombie into the game.

Eine Übersicht über beliebte Songs in Unplugged: Ait Guitar

Unplugged: Air Guitar features big names in rock, punk and metal. | Image: Vertigo Games

The game normally costs 25 euros / US dollars. You can currently get it for a discounted price of 15 Euros/US$ in the Quest Store and for 10 Euros/US$ on SteamVR.

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