Game Files Suggest Potential Destiny 2 Premium Monthly Subscription Service

Destiny is and has always been a game with annual expansions since its release in 2014, with smaller expansions (House of Wolves, Warmind, etc.) in between. However, with the launch of Destiny 2’s first major expansion – Forsaken, Bungie changed the model from two smaller expansions to seasons, releasing a total of four seasons per year. And now it looks like the developer is experimenting with a premium subscription service for the game as some references are in the game files.

It looks like Bungie was testing a monthly subscription model (similar to games like Final Fantasy XIV) for the upcoming Destiny 2. Lightfall Expansion and Season 20 which was later scrapped (?) for some reason, discovered in the game files. Elliott in the D2 Datamines Discord Server shared some file chains with TGP which offer four types of subscriptions for the game.

  • \season_20\Data\subscription_upsell_month1_ad_banner_000_004.v2.tif
  • \season_20\Data\subscription_upsell_month3_ad_banner_000_005.v2.tif
  • \season_20\Data\subscription_upsell_month6_ad_banner_000_006.v2.tif
  • \season_20\Data\subscription_upsell_month12_ad_banner_000_007.v2.tif

As we can see, this clearly suggests that at some point a subscription service was planned for Lightfall and Season 20. The file description states that the subscription model would include “Lightfall, two new dungeons and raids , 1 month of premium content in Destiny 2 Year 6, New Exotic Sparrow, Quicksilver Storm Catalyst and Ornament, and Rahool’s Secret Hideout: Four Exotic Accessories and Premium Materials Pack delivered throughout Year 6″.

“Enhance your journey as a New Light with a Destiny 2 Premium Membership. Try Destiny 2’s first missions and destinations for free: Lightfall, The Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep.”

“Prevent the apocalypse by taking Emperor Calus to the far reaches of the solar system. Take on a new campaign and master Strand, a new subclass. Pre-order now to instantly unlock the Quicksilver Storm Exotic weapon and exclusive bonuses.

Game Files Suggests a Potential Destiny 2 Premium Monthly Subscription Service

Placeholder for Destiny 2 Lightfall Premium. Image: Bungie via Elliott

We don’t know when this was added in the game files, but given that it’s for Lightfall and Season 20, the best guess is with the launch of Season of Plunder, after the Lightfall showcase event.

Now, even with some direct references to a Destiny 2 subscription service in the game’s files, we don’t know if this will materialize into The final shapeor if it’s something Bungie plans to add to the next Destiny saga. In short, take it with a grain of salt.

At this time, Bungie hasn’t announced any sort of Destiny 2 premium subscription model for Lightfall or Year 6 in general. The community has been asking for a seasonal overhaul in Destiny 2 due to its repetitive level grinding, power creep, and vendor upgrades for months now.

Destiny 2’s Seraph Season is in full swing right now, with its third Exotic Revision Zeronow available as part of the new Exotic Mission launched earlier this week.

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