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Have you been given a KitchenAid stand mixer for the holidays? Maximize the uses of your machine with KitchenAid mixer attachments that slice, chop, puree and more.

Don’t be shocked that your KitchenAid can replace even some of the best food processors.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Ink Blue

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KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer | was $279now $449.99 at Best Buy (opens in a new tab)

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! This is one of the best deals we’ve seen today!

Available in an on-trend Ink Blue colourway, this stand mixer has a modern edge that would suit a contemporary kitchen.

KitchenAid stand mixer pink

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KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer | was $449.99now $385.31 at Walmart (opens in a new tab)

This Feather Pink colorway is a bestseller at Walmart, and it’s easy to see why. The revival of this color is not surprising. Warm and cheerful but still light, soft pinks are a fabulous way to inject some fun into everyday spaces like kitchens.

KitchenAid vs. Cuisinart

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KitchenAid or Cuisinart?

Our head of reviews, Millie Fender, put KitchenAid stand mixers against Cuisinart in a direct head-to-head, tossing them cook after cook to determine which brand came out on top.

The answer? Both are fantastic models, but although the Cuisinart trumps the price, you simply can’t beat the KitchenAid Craftsman.

Did you know you can buy new and unused KitchenAid remanufactured and mixers on eBay (opens in a new tab)?
One of our top tips for buying a KitchenAid is to check out eBay. You can find refurbished models at huge discounts if you shop wisely.

The basic structure of these machines has hardly needed to change since the 1950s, and we regularly hear stories of them being passed down from generation to generation. The upshot is that you can find a KitchenAid on eBay that’s a few years old but works like a dream. They’ve got plenty of character, too – a quick scroll just discovered a KitchenAid painted in cherry blossom and another in black leopard print.

However, always Read the details carefully to make sure you are ordering exactly what you expect. Also check shipping times and seller reviews.

KitchenAid K400 Blender

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K400 Variable Speed ​​Mixer with KSB4028 Tamper | was $279.99now $219 at Macy’s (opens in a new tab)
No surprises here, yet another KitchenAid machine that ends up in one of our buying guides. In our ranking of the best blenders, we ranked this powerful blender as the best for professional results. It features a 3-part blending system and a unique asymmetrical blade that cuts at four distinct angles. This ensures that all kinds of ingredients – including ice cream – are thoroughly blended, and it can be controlled by the 5-speed variable speed dial or the 3 preset recipe programs.

Cuisinart Stand Mixer

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KitchenAid’s Best Dupe: The Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer |was $299.95now $179 on Amazon (opens in a new tab)
We never promote dupes. come on we are Homes & Gardens. Instead, try the second. If you need a stand mixer but can’t afford a KitchenAid, our second The all-time favorite stand mixer is the Cuisinart Precision. Don’t tell anyone, but it makes better bread than the KitchenAid Artisan thanks to a more powerful motor. It also has half a liter more capacity and its regular retail price starts at $250 less. While it may not have the cachet of a KitchenAid, it’s ridiculously good value for money.

KitchenAid versus Smeg

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KitchenAid versus Smeg: What is better?
The truthful answer is that it’s just not a fair comparison. The KitchenAid Artisan has more accessories, a much bigger collection, more colors and more power. Don’t get me wrong, Smeg blenders are awesome. We love the low price and the retro look. But when we put them to the test, we gave them KitchenAid Craftsman a 5 star rating and Smeg stand mixer a 4 star rating. There’s no getting around it: the KitchenAid craftsman is a clear winner.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

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KitchenAid Artisan Mini Plus 3.5 Quart Stand Mixer | has been $379.99now $299.99 at KitchenAid (opens in a new tab)
This compact version of the classic KitchenAid Artisan Blender packs a lot of power into a miniature blender. This is our pick for the best mini blender you can buy, and it’s a great space-saving option if you’re cooking in a condo or apartment. The 3.5 quart capacity is enough to mix 60 cookies in one batch. It has everything you would expect from a KitchenAid, including a stainless steel bowl, dough hook, flex edge beater, wire whisk and pouring shield.

Many KitchenAid mixers look very similar and have similar names. A little explanation:

  • KitchenAid Craftsman (opens in a new tab): The best stand mixer on the market. Tilt head, 5 quart capacity.
  • KitchenAid Pro Range (opens in a new tab): The best stand mixer for bread machines. Bowl-lift, 7 quart capacity.
  • KitchenAid Mini Artisan (opens in a new tab): The best mini stand mixer you can buy. Tilt head, 3.5 quart capacity.
  • Classic KitchenAid (opens in a new tab): virtually identical to the Artisan, but less powerful. A good option if you’re cooking on a budget. Tilt head, 4.5 quart capacity.

best stand mixer

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KitchenAid Classic K45SSWH Stand Mixer, was $329.99now $259.00 on Amazon (opens in a new tab)
If you want a KitchenAid Artisan but find the price a bit exaggerated, a Classic Stand Mixer is a good choice. It has the same iconic tilt-lift design, but a slightly smaller capacity and less power puts this stand mixer under the $350 mark, and now for less than $260. In the grand scheme of things, missing half a liter doesn’t make too much of a difference – you can still make up to 8 dozen cookies in one batch.

KitchenAid Pro 5 Plus Stand Mixer

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KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer |was $449now $279 at Best Buy (opens in a new tab)
The Professional 5 Plus series is the five-quart version of the KitchenAid Pro range, but our tests found that the 7-quart model excels at mixing bread dough and cake batters.

The Professional differs from the Artisan in having a bowl-lift design, as opposed to the Artisan’s tilting head, which provides better stability. It also offers more power, 525 watts, compared to the Artisan’s 325 watts.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer aqua sky

(Image credit: KitchenAid)

KitchenAid Artisan® Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer | was $449.99now $349.99 at KitchenAid (opens in a new tab)
Always in style on sale days, the Artisan Series 5 Quart is our favorite stand mixer. It is suitable for everyone, from occasional bakers to hobby bakers. So far, KitchenAid has the same discount as all the major retailers, but if you buy direct from KitchenAid, you’ll have the most color choices and can personalize it with free laser engraving. We can’t get enough of this blender, and we’re not alone. It’s even used by royalty – you can find it in the kitchen of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Seriously.

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good Christmas and Hanukkah. Meet Alex David, eCommerce Manager at Homes & Gardenssigning up to bring you all the latest KitchenAid deals.

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