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Game of the Year 2022 – Best Virtual Reality Game

For PlayStation gamers in particular, 2022 felt like the end of the VR gaming cycle. With the original PSVR hardware now so outdated and Sony having unveiled the details of its successor Over the past year, eyes have largely turned to the future of console virtual reality.

Of course, that overlooks the wider range of headsets that enable SteamVR and the burgeoning market for standalone VR on Meta Quest 2 – though that arguably struggles under the weight of its parent company’s metaverse expectations. 2023 sounds a lot more exciting, but 2022 had a lot of highlights, with a handful of great reasons to put on a VR headset to play.

Game of the Year 2022 Best VR Winner


Moss: Book II continues the adventures of Quill as she seeks to save her world from the Arcane army. It’s a lot more adorable than you might imagine, because Quill is actually an extremely cute mouse with a sword, and his world is made up of incredibly detailed fantasy dioramas. The most surprising part of this game is more surprising is how good its story is, how well it is told and how jerky it becomes when Quill starts crying thanks to detailed animations and tiny small sounds of sobbing.

It’s not all mice that cry though, using the DualShock 4 or Meta Quest 2 controllers you can interact with the world to knock down icicles to create platforms, distract or even arm enemies, and even high five Quill! The gameplay is Moss: Book II is regularly creative, leaving you smiling when you realize you can shoot this enemy, aim it at another, then let go to cause a nasty crash. As you fight small enemies, upcoming bosses will roam around in the background. Every once in a while, they’ll pick up a weapon you thought was just scenery, creating the anticipation for creative boss battles against bosses that tower over your little mouse.

In a year where there may not have been too many VR games, at least Moss: Book II is here to remind us what can be done with true care and attention to detail. It’s a delightful game that never ceases to amaze, even if it’s how much you care about a mute mouse – it uses ASL to communicate! And she is so blurry! SO CUTE!


Red Matter 2 – Finalist

The first Red Matter is one of VR’s best hidden gems. Using the immersive nature of the headset experience to facilitate challenging puzzles that force you to actively engage with the world around you, it really stands out as a game that wouldn’t work so well in traditional pancake form. The sequel builds on everything the first game did and refines it further, delivering a twisting story that explores its alternate universe in the face of the Cold War while thriving on the intricate manipulation of objects that virtual reality allows. .

Playing the first game will give you more context and investment in the sequel story, but the intro here is brilliantly designed to catch up with those who come to the game fresh (or have forgotten). Although it’s not the longest game, the satisfaction you’ll get from solving the many puzzles and discovering more about the game’s setting makes it a great choice (along with its predecessor) for anyone looking for something something more involved in their VR game.

–Steve C.

Bonelab – Finalist

Bonelab stands out because it has the potential to be all the VR gamers need. Best described as a VR sandbox, Bonelab challenges players to experiment, modify and design their own experiences within its engine, in the same vein as Garry’s Mod or Dreams.

There’s a well-designed and enjoyable campaign that includes a set of short chapters with a range of gameplay and aesthetic approaches, but the meat of the game will come from what you (and others) do with it. That means you could shoot down hordes of enemies, explore a dungeon, go kart racing and more, but whatever you do, it delivers the most intense VR action around. That said, it’s definitely not a beginner’s title as you’ll need to be comfortable with VR or risk severe motion sickness.

–Steve C.

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