Best PS5, PS4 Developer of 2022

Our Game of the Year coverage continues with the Best PS5, PS4 Developer of 2022of which a top four was compiled by the push square editorial team. This category crowns the best PS5, PS4 developers who have excelled this year, whether through multiple releases or fantastic support from their current lineup. At the end, we will list some honorable mentions.

Bronze Trophy: Player’s first matches (MultiVersus)

Best PS5, PS4 Developer 2

Many new live-service titles seem to crash and burn these days, so much so that a hit outside of household names feels like an anomaly. Player First Games’ MultiVersus was one of the few games to make a breakthrough, and the studio continued to support the experience throughout the year. Many balance fixes, events, and new characters have been implemented in the game, making what is a great fighting game even better.

Best PS5, PS4 Developer 3

Throughout 2022, Polish heavyweight CD Projekt RED has been striving to bring its two biggest games up to the standards we’ve come to expect on PS5. Cyberpunk 2077 is finally in a state worth playing after so many fixes, and then the PS5 version has arrived to make it look better and perform better for current-gen users. It then did the same for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, giving it a nice facelift on PS5 and bundling in some free Netflix show-themed content. Cyberpunk 2077’s abysmal launch will never be forgotten, but CD Projekt RED is working tirelessly to right its wrongs.

Best PS5, PS4 4 Developer

Releasing one game is hard enough, so how about two in the space of six months, one of which was also supported post-launch with two pieces of DLC? UK team Roll7 have had an amazing 2022, launching two of the PS5’s most sensational titles away from each other. OlliOlli World revitalized 2D skateboard series, then paired Rollerdrome Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with guns for fantastic effect. A truly impressive effort from the indie studio.

Platinum Trophy: FromSoftware (Ring of Elden)

Best PS5, PS4 Developer 5

Elden Ring belongs to the same pantheon as titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as it successfully breaks the mold typical of open-world experiences to set a new standard for exploration. Thanks to FromSoftware, the Japanese team has created wonder and intrigue in every corner and inside every cave through its exceptional commitment to unique visual designs, both in the environment and the enemies that live in these places. The Lands Between is varied, beautiful. It could only have been crafted by a masterful team like FromSoftware, once again cementing it as one of the greatest in the industry.

Honorable Mentions: Epic Games, Guerrilla Games and Square Enix.

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