After the men, AI-generated images of Indian women from different states go viral



The artist used the stereotypical characteristics associated with women of different states

The viral trend of artificial intelligence (AI) has taken over social media sites and the internet is splattered with photos of artistic illustrations shared by users. In recent years, artificial intelligence has become so advanced that we can generate all kinds of images without putting much effort into them. Speaking of which, a Delhi-based artist recently shared a series of AI-generated images that depict how men of different Indian states look ‘stereotypically’. Now artist named Madhav Kohli has shared the second part of the series, showing stunning artworks of Indian women from different parts of the country.

The artist used the stereotypical characteristics associated with women from different states as a reference to create the images. From Delhi to Mumbai, Goa and Assam, the series of images also depict the artist’s imagination on the appearance of women from several other states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, West Bengal, Assam, Maharashtra and Kashmir.

He captioned the post as follows: ”Indian women, made using stereotypical descriptions and ai. First, Delhi.” Each portrait has a unique touch, representing the culture of each state. Notably, he used the “mid-point” to generate the artwork.


While a majority of social media users loved the images, another section was unimpressed and noted that the representative images looked nowhere nearer the real thing.

One user wrote, “Another thrilling take on Indian women using AI technology. Hard to believe this isn’t a real photo. Bewitched!!” Another user reacted to the photo of Goa and wrote, “I will take this as an insult to my people and my state of Goa…In fact, portraying a woman like this is immoral!” A third wrote: ‘When you assume all women in Mumbai look like characters from Netflix India shows and movies.’

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