Destiny 2 technical issues have reached a new level this season

While Destiny 2 released its best season this year in the form of Season of the Seraph, it was also one of the technically worst seasons I can remember.

This week there had been reports that players had in fact been losing progress and loot after receiving a Weasel error in Destiny 2, a common error, but not one that had actually removed gear and achievements before. At first, Bungie said it was a very rare issue, only 1 in 250,000 players. But that didn’t seem to be accurate. I was touched by this, and even though it only reset one or two quest steps in the HELM, for other players I had heard of people losing Deepsight drops, or in a particularly bad case, a solo flawless dungeon completion that was cleared after the error code. Yeah.

Thus, for the second times this season, Bungie disabled the API of the game to reduce these error codes. The last time they did this was when everyone was out of the dungeon at launch, and now they’re doing it again, although this time they say the bug is related to the release of Revision Zero, the new Exotic Pulse Rifle that launched last week.

The API is what allows third-party apps like DIM and Ishtar Commander to instantly transfer gear between the vault and multiple characters, and without it players are stuck letting activities fly to the tower multiple times across multiple characters. to transfer even a single piece of gear. The API is also responsible for things like Bungie’s Fireteam research sitewhich is used to find teams for all activities in the game, including the most difficult ones that don’t have matchmaking.

According to Bungie, a patch is slated for early next week, which means players will be API-free for the entire week. Many are upset. Bungie hasn’t tried an alternate solution to disable the problematic exotic on its own, Revisions Zero, rather than disabling the entire API again, but they said that might not be it. a solution. It seems odd that we have two error code based issues in one season and both were “resolved” by disabling the API, although one is supposed to have to do with a new Exotic.

All of this, for lack of a better term, sucks. It’s very, very difficult to fully experience Destiny 2 without the active API, both for transferring gear and finding fireteams. I written about How did this situation show how dependent Destiny 2 is on third-party apps the last time it happened, but twice in one season? It’s hard. And I’ve never heard of a bug that actively suppressed player loot and progression before, making it one of the nastiest the game has seen.

This is perhaps another piece of evidence that Destiny needs a clean slate going forward rather than relying on the current game for years and years and years. Upcoming features such as in-game loadouts and LFG will still rely on the API and remain offline in situations like this, so this is not a fix. Bigger changes need to happen.

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