Three female kitten rescued after found in plastic bag

Three ginger kittens were thrown in a plastic bag on the side of the road by someone who was utterly callous and devoid of any humanity. Such brutality makes us question humanity, but we must keep in mind all the good people as opposed to the few wicked seeds. Thank goodness, the two-week-old kittens were discovered before they died and taken to a vet in Zimbabwe, which is north of South Africa.

These kittens required constant bottle feeding for weeks even at such a young age. Such needs are frequently unmet by busy vets and shelters, so they rely on rescuers and foster parents for assistance. After the veterinarians had treated the kittens, they got in touch with Cat Rescue, which is situated in Harare, the country of Zimbabwe. We appreciate the TNR (trap, neuter, return) work these rescues are doing.

The rescuers were able to arrange for an experienced foster mother with kitten formula and other supplies thanks to donations from sympathetic locals. After then, it was her responsibility to make sure the kitten had the bottle every two to three hours, day and night. The majority of the time, the effort goes unappreciated, but the immediate benefit is witnessing numerous kittens thrive and develop into cuddly, lively furbabies.

The rescuers made contact with an experienced foster mother because these babies need newborn care. If you are new to foster care, it is usually preferable to start with older infants who require crucial socialisation, sometimes known as cuddling and playing.

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