Three female kitten rescued after found in plastic bag

The rescue provided an informative video that explains how the foster mother had to use a syringe while the kittens were still learning to latch onto a bottle. She also assisted the kittens in gently expressing their bladder and intestines, much as their mother cat would. As kittens can quickly become seriously ill, being on the lookout for any signs of problems is another crucial aspect of fostering.

Rescued team

found dumped kitten 3 to two weeks kitten in a plastic bag in the side of road injured. They are now in foster care having treatment

The foster mother watched the ginger kittens carefully as they grew. The rescuers had a sneaking suspicion that all three of the infants were ginger females at this point! Eighty percent of orange tabbies, including Marmalade, are born male, making females significantly less common. As a result, all three females inherited both of the genes, and both of the parent cats possessed the gene for orange fur.

The rescuers thought they were girls at four weeks old, but it can be difficult to tell for sure at that young age.

They are doing well thus far, eating well, gaining weight, and beginning to explore their environment. They have recently turned 4 weeks old. At this young age, they are still quite susceptible, therefore our foster mother is being very watchful and keeping close watch on them. We are confident that they are in good hands because she is an angel when it comes to teenies,” they said.

Eight weeks later, the ginger kittens started to show their adorable purrpersonalities.

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