A Must-know Head Pressing In Cats: For All Cat Owners

Sleeping cat

Cats occasionally do things that leave us baffled. We can all agree on that as cat owners. But occasionally, your cat may act in a way that is not just strange but also a frightening indication that something is seriously wrong with your feline buddy. A cat’s head pressing—not in a cute fashion like head bunting, but instead against a hard object like a wall—is unquestionably an indication that something is seriously wrong. Here, we’ve covered what to watch for and what to do to prevent this from happening and save their life.

If your cat is experiencing this problem after reading this, please seek medical help right once. This is an extremely dangerous situation, and your cat’s life is in danger. Do not think twice or hesitate.

Please take note:

How to Recognise Head Pressing: Our cats will frequently rub their heads against us in an effort to “claim” us by releasing smell from their head glands. Contrast this with the ominous head pressing we’re talking about right now. Your cat may suffer harm to their nervous system if they purposefully press their head against a wall or other hard surface repeatedly.

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