A Must-know Head Pressing In Cats: For All Cat Owners

Your cat’s nervous system damage could be caused by a number of underlying conditions, such as toxic poisoning or prosencephalon disease, which affects the forebrain and thalamus regions of the brain.

Below is a collage of risky head-pressing instances:

There are some other indications and triggers that your cat may be suffering from nervous system impairment in addition to this sudden requirement for obvious head pressing.

There may also be additional signs and symptoms like:

seizure disorders, weakened reflexes, circling and pacing compulsively, altered taught (trained) behaviour, and vision issues. Some of these symptoms can result in lesions, such as blisters on the feet from excessive pacing or injuries to the face or head from repeatedly banging the skull against objects.

In plain English, something that prevents the brain from working properly is the cause of head pressure in cats. It might happen because of:

(Bacterial, viral, fungi, parasitic, or tick-borne) infection
exposure to toxins
brain cancer
metabolic illness
liver disease or liver shunt
It is literally essential that you take your cat to the nearest veterinarian as soon as any of these symptoms appear due to these hazardous diseases.

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