“How to protect” cat’s elderly owner is forced to give him up, but rescuers provide him with a loving.

how to protect Pumpkin, a sweet senior cat, was 14 years old and in need when his elderly owner was forced to give him up. He finally found refuge in a Manhattan shelter.

Unfortunately, when individuals age and lose their health or houses, scenarios like this one occur frequently. It must have been so difficult to give up a loving pet, but due to rescuers, Pumpkin would avoid being put down.

They discovered the elderly, scruffy cat to be as kind and sweet as pumpkin pie.

Owner was too old to take care of the pumpkin
Pumpkin was rescued by rescuers at the Manhattan Care Centre with a plethora of health conditions and horrendously matted hair. But it wasn’t careless negligence on purpose. The old individual had medical problems as well and regrettably had no choice but to enter care.

“He’s a little bit matted, a little bit thin, but he’s certainly not short in love to give to people,” a rescuer called Evelyne said. “He’s such a wonderful character, and he’s so pleased to have company…You are like a pumpkin pie, very delicious,” she

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